Friday, July 1, 2022

A different type of Independence

As the rest of Los Angeles appears to be exiting the city for the holiday weekend, we get to join them!!! Bodie was discharged late this afternoon and we are headed home (right after we stop by an awesome Stranger Things watch party Sierra and her best friend have been working on all week!).

We're so grateful to have this cath behind us! We've known it was coming for some time, and it weighed heavy on me. So to have it past us is such a weight lifted off my shoulders! 

We have several friends who Fontanned the same summer as Bodie who are also heading in for their Fontan tune-ups this summer. About that, Bodie says "then I won't tell them it was the worst thing ever!" Hahahahaha Bodie doesn't sugarcoat, that's for sure!

As we're celebrating our newfound freedom with no planned interventions on the near horizon, we're taking a deep breath and enjoying life! Figured it was appropriate to close with a pic of Bodie with one of our favorite nurses, Nikki.
Today Nikki helped us get discharged and on our way (pretty sure we'd still be there if she hadn't stepped in to help). But once upon a time, Nikki helped a new heart mom find her voice and learn to advocate for her very sick son. And he is alive today because of it. For that, I will be forever unspeakably grateful. 

Thank you so much for all your prayers- please keep them coming as Bodie continues recovering over the next few days! We're so grateful for it!