Friday, February 16, 2024

14 just hits different

Bodie turned 14 today! 

    And in true fashion with the change we've seen in him in the past year, he just wanted to have his best buddies over, eat Panda Express...and GAME, GAME and GAME some more. They gamed last night, then jumped in the jacuzzi, slept in the trailer and woke up this morning to game some more. Then everyone went home to hop on their own systems - and continue gaming. 

For a newly minted 14 year old, it couldn't have been a more perfect birthday. 
Complete with the weirdest cake I have done for him yet. 
Apparently, the guy's name is Thicc Omni-Man?

All I know is, I've never before taken orders for "left butt cheek," "right butt cheek," "just the head" and "the feet, please!" before. I'm not gonna lie, the way I had to cut the cake to accommodate everyone's body part preference really did a number on my OCD. 
Because, really, no cake should ever be cut like this!
We are so grateful for this little dude, for his hilarious sense of humor, for his over the top sense of melodrama, for his silliness, and for the unique and special kiddo that he is. In the past year, he's started to pull away from us a bit, looking to figure things out on his own (and realizing that he REALLY doesn't like school, but that's a whole nother Oprah that we won't go into here).  As his mom, it makes me sad to be spending less time with him (I think there was a part of me that thought he and I would always be really close). But I know it's a natural part of growing up and for that I am so grateful!

When I think back on everything I prayed and wished for Bodie when he was in the hospital as an infant, I prayed for health, for strength, for happiness. And in those prayers, I never would have been so bold to ask for the absolute perfect group of friends to walk alongside him as he moves into his teen years. But God has provided for Bodie so completely, with the sweetest group of friends that we've dubbed "The Quad Squad." Three of the four are pictured in these pictures. They go to school together, do sports together, go to youth group together - they just do life together. (And their moms are my best friends!). As Chase said today when I was driving him home "You know, whenever the four of us are together in person, it's just like total happiness!" And he's right. 

I can think of no better people to help Bodie reign in his 14th year with. 

Happy 14th Birthday, Bodie! We love you!!!