Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Busy Bees

Wondering where we've been? Ok, probably not (I think you all know no news is good news with our family), but it's been almost 3 weeks since I last blogged! Rest assured, all is GREAT with us - we've just been very very busy. Here's what we've been up to...

1. We've been ROCKING cardiology appointments.
Bodie had his quarterly cardiology appointment earlier this month (for the record, it was the FIRST time he's actually made it the full 3 months without an appointment inbetween to check his tachycardia, pulmonary hypertension or some other fun thing!!!) It went GREAT! His heart function looked beautiful, with very little, if any, valve regurgitation. We'll be making some major med changes (dropping his pulmonary hypertension med and changing his beta blocker from a 3x/day med to a 2x/day med) - his doctor was ok with changing them earlier this month, but he's doing so well now, we didn't want to rock the boat right before vacation. So, we'll be making those changes later this summer, after our vacation. We also got clearance to do BOTH our Tahoe trip and our airplane ride later this summer sans oxygen since he didn't need the oxygen we took to Tahoe last summer (super excited, but nervous about this one!). We left with instructions to enjoy our summer and come back in 3 months. After the really rough start Bodie had, we continue to feel abundantly blessed with each good cardiology appointment. 

2. We have NOT been rocking dental appointments.
Daddy and I both had check ups - he got off with no work needing to be done. Mommy had to have a cavity filled and 3 little ones between the teeth filled as well. Never had a cavity until I turned 21, had 2 that year and none since. Now 4. Awesomeness. I'm totally hanging my head in shame - and then blaming Bodie. Heck, we blame the stress surrounding his medical issues for everything else - why not this, too???

3. We've been injuring ourselves. 
Bodie's always sporting new shiners on his head and face (this kid seriously has no spacial awareness) and Sierra has permanent bruises on her shins from her twice-weekly falls down the two (yes, two) steps in our house (seriously, WHY can the kid not learn to slow down?!? Ok wait, scratch that - she's my kid). Daddy's been the worst culprit by far, falling off a retaining wall and spraining his ankle. Badly. (But I do have to admit, it was almost worth it, to see Bodie's expression when we woke up from nap to find Daddy crawling to get across the yard - the kid immediately dropped to all 4's and started crawling right behind him. Seriously priceless.)

4. We've been so busy that we ended up at Daddy's doctor's appointment (had to be a full family affair, what with Daddy's inability to drive thanks to the aforementioned sprain) with a shoe-less Bodie (oops - I think that was my responsibility, although Daddy keeps trying to say he left Sierra (yes, the 5 year old) in charge of it). My go-with-the-flow response? "No prob. We'll just drop you off and run to CVS. I'm sure they'll have flip-flops or something." They did. Well, the 3rd CVS we tried did. And they did have "something" indeed.
Yes, they're for real. And yes, he stinking LOVES them and wants to wear them all.the.time. Ah well, it just adds to his fashion sense.

5. Speaking of which, we've been making fashion statements...
and growing some mad "PUHlease mommy, won't you cut it?!?" hair...
(Rest assured, hair appointment has been scheduled...for tomorrow)
(yes, when it's possible to channel Sierra circa 2009, it's TIME for a haircut)

6. We've been "library'ing" it, signing both kids up for the Summer Reading Program. 
(Don't be fooled by the pics - Sierra's totally into it, reading way ahead already (well, looking through her books) and digging the prizes. Bodie can't be distracted from his path of destruction long enough to sit down and read for a whole 30 min. Baby steps.)

7. We've been making our own finger paint and painting away.

8. We've been singing A LOT. NOTHING makes my heart smile like hearing my kids sing praise songs. 
(He is singing "The B-I-B-L-E" (you know, if you don't speak Bodie), and if you can't see the video - just click here. It's worth it, I promise). (Oh, and pause the music on the side of the blog to hear the video!)

9. We're potty training!!! 
(Isn't that sticker adorable?!? They have them in Bodie's class at church!) Crossing our fingers, but so far, the kiddo looks good and ready to be done with the pull-ups! (whew - that was SO much easier than the year and a half it took us to potty-train Sierra!)

10. We've been getting ready for 4th of July and our annual trip to Tahoe!!!
We are T minus "so close we can almost smell the mountain air" to Tahoe!!! We're so excited! Please pray that all goes well and the little man handles the altitude as well as he did last year!

Hope you're all enjoying your summer as much as we are! Have a great 4th of July!

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  1. I always love your blog posts. Always highly entertaining! Ha ha ha!! Bodie, what a crack up!