Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our sweet Girl

Today, Bodie is the exact age Sierra was when he was born - 2 months and 8 days shy of 3 years old. Oh my. Looking at Bodie now, this little ball of innocence, it's hard for me to remember Sierra this age, before everything became so different for our family. Our family has been through so much in the past almost 3 years, it is hard to remember when life wasn't this way, when Sierra was just a sweet, precocious baby girl like any other.
But she's not like any other girl. She has slept in ICU rooms while her brother has fought for his life, she has heard her parents talk of surgeries and survival rates, she has watched medications administered, stethoscopes pulled out of seat pockets in the midst of casual discussions, she knows all of Bodie's doctors personally and she has asked where heart friends are, friends who have passed on to Heaven. We've had conversations about things no 5-year old should ever have to think about. At the tender age of 5, she has already learned that nothing in life is certain, except Jesus. 
I don't know that Bodie would have handled things with as much grace as Sierra as. Actually, I do know - he wouldn't have. Sierra is an amazing little girl and I think we often often forget that it wasn't just Bodie, or Dusk or I, whose lives were turned upside down, but so was Sierra's. And she has handled it in such an extraordinary manner, just falling into this new normal we have as though it's always been this way. 

We are so proud of her and how much she has weathered the past 3 years. She has grown into such a compassionate and curious little girl, always wanting to help. She is kind, she is sweet, she is understanding, she is energetic (way too energetic sometimes, but we'll take it!), and she loves her brother so much.
We love you, Sierra. So very, very much. 


  1. We love you, too, Sierra! --Gabe Brown

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  3. This is precious! Couldn't ask for a better big sister. :)