Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Big Wishes for Little Guys

Bodie's Make a Wish wish grantors came over tonight, to tell him all about his wish. What an incredible evening. I don't remember the last time we all smiled so much.

What a blessing.

Bodie's wish was to meet Lightning McQueen and Mater. 

So, we're going to Disneyland to meet them!

Bodie with the sign our wonderful wish grantor, Lewie, made for him. 
 Bodie and Lewie with the amazing sign. 
(you can't really see it here, but on the bottom left, it shows Mater saying "Where's Bodie?" and on the bottom right, it shows Doc Hudson saying "He's on his way!"

 They gave him the coolest Cars suitcase. I'm pretty sure it's coming to bed with him tonight. 
Not to be left out, they also brought an adorable Belle dress and other goodies for Sierra!
 Bodie with Lori and Lewie, his wish grantors. 
 Both of the kids with Lori and Lewie. I mean, could you die from the excitement on Bodie's sweet little face? 
 We're super excited to wear our MAW shirts to the parks!
If you really want to experience Bodie learning about his wish, check out this video!

 I'll leave you with this, the "money shot." Right before they left, Bodie lept into Lori's arms, giving her the tightest hug.
Thank you to Make a Wish for making our boy feel so special!

We probably won't post specifics on our trip until after it happens, but just know this - it's big, it's coming, and it's coming SOON! We're so excited!!! 


  1. so sweet! Couldn't be happier for all!!!!!!

  2. After all your family went through this year, this is an amazing good thing. Enjoy!!!

  3. SO deserved!!!!!
    God Bless him.

  4. yay!!! i hope you have a great time! if you need a photographer for Disney stuff, let me know! it's what i do!