Tuesday, December 30, 2014

In Celebration of Life

We're going on a family trip to Mexico in February (oh my goodness!!!), so we realized we needed to get our passports in order. Dusk and I needed to renew ours, and we needed to get the kids passports. In the hustle and bustle of pulling everything together for that process,

 (on a side note, have you ever had to renew or apply for a passport? Holy Toledo, they do NOT make the process easy. Pages and pages of application, but hey that's government for you. But I digress…)

I realized we didn't have a birth certificate for Bodie. As in, we had never gotten one. We had a certificate of live birth from the hospital, but not an authorized certificate from the county. 

I don't know how other states do it, but in California, it's not an automatic thing. You actually have to apply for the certificate. It's usually done in the hospital after birth, but, yeah, well, we had other things on our minds at the time.

Dusk said to me "What do you mean, we don't have it? How did we miss that?"

I just stared at him blankly.
 Was he kidding? Was he not there when Bodie was born?

He paused for long moment, and then quietly said "Yeah, I guess when you don't know if your child is going to live a week, you don't exactly worry about things like a birth certificate."


Boy did that ever throw me back to how awful things were with Bodie in the early days, and how touch and go things were for so long. (and if you haven't been following our journey for very long, let me just say, things were very rough for a good 7 months or so). 

He's so robust now, so amazing and full of life. If it weren't for the purple tinge his lips get on colder days, or the scars that mark his chest, I could almost forget everything he went through. 
It could almost be someone else's story.


So, to pick up his birth certificate today was, just, so. So. So everything. 
The 45 minute wait at the courthouse couldn't even take the joy out of the moment.

To us, this is so much more than a birth certificate. 

It is a celebration of birth, yes. 
But also a celebration of fight, of endurance, of tenacity beyond measure. 

What a great way to end 2014, with such a symbol of celebration.

2014, you have not been altogether kind to us. 
But even so, you have blessed us.

Happy New Year's Eve.

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