Sunday, May 7, 2017


Our sweet Sierra,


I am still trying to figure out exactly how that happened.

As a 3-year old, when I told you were growing up too fast, you put your chubby little hands on my cheeks and said "Don't worry, mama. I'll grow down." Somewhere along the way, you seem to have forgotten that promise. 
But I digress.

Double digits it is. 
Sweetheart, we are so proud of you. 
Of this amazing young woman you are growing into. 

If we thought the first decade of your life was full of insane and exciting adventures, it kind of seems like it has nothing on the next decade. During the next 10 years of your life, you'll learn to drive a car, pick a college, move out (gulp!) and, most importantly, figure out who YOU want to be. And maybe even find your spouse (but let's be clear here - we're cool with you meeting him in the next decade, but not so much actually marrying him during that time - after college, honey!!!).

As you head into what are sure to be tumultuous years (for all of us!), the best piece of advice I can give you is to BE YOU. It seems easy now, but soon, it won't be. Soon, the pull to be like everyone else will be so so SO strong. But dig in deeper than the temptations, the forces pulling you away.

Just do YOU. 
The you that God made you to be.

The silly sweet girl who notices everything and isn't afraid of any new experience.
The girl who this little dude absolutely adores (well, except when he's scratching and biting you).
The girl who has an army of peeps who love her dearly.
The girl who loves dolls 
(yes, still at 10. I know I get frustrated sometimes, but then I have to check myself, and realize that there are MUCH worse things you could be playing with than dolls at 10. Between you and me, if you want to do every one of your next 5 birthday parties at the American Girl Doll store again, I am so OK with that).

 So sweetheart, as you enter this next decade, just DO YOU.
Because the you that you are is this joyful and messy and wild and crazy girl, because she embraces life.
And she is unlike anything the world has seen yet. 

Happy 10th birthday, sweet girl! We love you! 

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