Friday, April 20, 2012

And the rash goes on...

I am thrilled to report that Bodie seems to be on the upswing. THANK.THE.LORD. The rash is still continuing to spread (I counted 2 new blisters below his lip today alone), but thankfully, although they look terrible, other than occasional itching, they don't seem to be bothering him. He hasn't had a fever in several days and the sores inside his mouth seem to be healing. The last time I gave him the Benadryl/Maalox solution was 7am this morning and he seemed fine all day - very playful and eating/drinking almost back to normal. So, yes, definitely on the upswing. What a pleasant surprise, since we didn't expect him to be doing this well until closer to 7 days out. Sierra hasn't showed any symptoms (please pray this continues) and Dusk and I continue to fight off whatever we're fighting (hoping it's just colds). But in honor of Bodie being on the upswing, I thought I'd share a few observations on life with a sick kid... 

1. If we ever change our minds and decide to have a 3rd child, I'd estimate there's a 50/50 chance that child will be named after whoever came up with the ingenious solution of Maalox mixed with Benadryl (even though they clearly had to be high on something to come up with a mixture like that).

2. Since my child happens to be one of the 5% who bounces off the walls from Benadryl (as opposed to passing out) and actually desperately needs sleep when ill, if we ever met said genius, I would ask if they could possibly come up with a Benadryl-less version of the ingenious Maalox/Benadryl solution.

3. My children's desire to cooperate with oral medication is inversely proportional to their need for said medication. 

4. My need for sleep is directly proportional to the number of times a sick child on the mend will show up at my bed throughout the night saying "mommy, mommy mommy" - or remain in bed screaming "MOMMY!!!" at the top of their lungs. 

5. As parents, we often say (and really, truly mean) that we'd take our kids illnesses on in a heartbeat. But I gotta say, maybe it's not a bad thing that they get them instead of us - their resilience never ceases to astonish me. As an adult, it can take me a week or longer to recover from 1 canker sore - and yet my son can recover from 10 in less than 3 days. AMAZING. But then, he's kind of a rockstar. 



  1. Glad Bodie is doing better. Hope you guys are feeling better too. Funny that you refer to Bodie as a "rockstar". That is how they have been referring to my friends' little baby Ellie. Maybe these 2 rockstars can meet each other someday. Hang in there. It has been nice corresponding with Dusk.
    George Landes
    Annapolis, MD

  2. Sooo glad to hear Bodie is on the upswing. Pax had this and had to be hospitalized and they kept saying it was the herpes virus. I wanted to seriously deck a handful of people for that. I know they aren't God, but I swear mothers intuition wins every time. Heart hugs to you guys!

  3. It's good to hear that your child is getting better everyday. Just continue giving her the medicine she needs. I hope that she gets well as soon as possible.