Monday, August 27, 2012

Birds of a Feather...

So, I couldn't finish my South Carolina posts without the hugest shout out ever to the WHOLE STINKING REASON we took the trip in the 1st place! To Sierra's bestie, Sofia, whose amazingly awesome and incredible mama Valerie happens to be my bestie (I mean, seriously, when ever do you get that lucky?!?) And we were blessed enough to live across the street from each other from the time the girls were babies! And they went to the same daycare and preschool. And, let me tell you, these girls are as different as night and day. Sierra's messy, free spirited crazy-get-in-your-face and scream with joy was met with Sofia's super organized, serious, oh-so-sweet and sensitive heart - and somehow, these girls meshed to form the perfect friendship, that has spanned not just years, but miles as well, as we watched Sofia's family move back to South Carolina this past December. 

These girlies are so precious to me...



2011 yes, when we had the opportunity to fly across this country to spend a few days with Sofia, her mommy and her daddy...yeah, we jumped. And yes, it was 100,000% worth it...these girls took one look at each other and literally did not miss a beat. 
We are so beyond grateful for our friendships with this family. God has truly blessed us. We love you, Val, Rik and Fia!!! We're already counting the days until next summer!