Wednesday, August 15, 2012


First of all, I have to say I am totally humbled by the sheer volume of responses I've gotten on the Marriage series (which wasn't actually supposed to be a series to begin with, but what can I say? Sometimes, blog entries really sit on my heart and I have to share - I guess this was one of them). I guess I always knew in my head that Dusk and I couldn't possibly be alone in what we were going through, but I didn't realize how very NOT alone we actually were. So, thank you, to everyone who has emailed, Facebooked or posted comments on the blog - we so appreciate the support and knowing there are others we can help support and pray for as well. I have two more entries in the series that I'll post later this week or next, but I wanted to take a break for some very timely prayer requests.

I'd like to ask for prayer for 2 very special heart warriors tonight: little guy Hayden and big guy Nick.

Big Guy Nick
 Nick's dad, Mike, went to college with Dusk. We love Mike and Jeannette (Nick's mom / Mike's wife). We went to their wedding. They went to ours. So you could say our families go way back. But when we were BBQ'ing all those years ago, we would never have anticipated just how much our families would share. Their son, Nick, was born 10 years ago with Critical Aortic Stenosis and had 3 open heart surgeries by the time he was 22 months old. All of his surgeries have been done at CHLA, like Bodie. All of his surgeries have been done by Vaughn Starnes, just like Bodie. They were such a source of support and love for us as we battled through Bodie's diagnosis and surgeries (Jeannette even sat at the hospital with Bodie in my stead when I could not be there). Tonight, Nick is gearing up for his 4th open heart surgery tomorrow, a valve replacement surgery. Please pray for the surgeon, for the entire medical team who will be working with Nick, for strength for Nick and for peace for Mike and Jeannette and Nick's younger sister, Sabrinna. Tomorrow's a big day, but we know God is bigger. So please ask for his hand of protection over Nick for a smooth surgery and recovery. We love you Nick!!! You can follow Nick's journey here.

Little Guy Hayden

Hayden is 5 months old. He has HLHS like Bodie. He is post-Glenn, like Bodie. He had his Glenn 2 weeks ago and sailed through it. He was discharged home. He was readmitted 2 days ago, as planned, for a G-tube placement (a fairly minor surgery; barring complications he should have been discharged shortly thereafter). Sometime after the g-tube surgery, they realized he had fluid buildup in his lungs and placed a chest tube. During the chest tube placement, his left ventricle was punctured, leading to a cascade of complications, including needing an hour of CPR and being placed on ECMO (life support). Hayden needs your prayers very very badly. The latest scans have shown little brain function and his brain is truly in need of a miracle. I would ask you to please, stop what you are doing, and hit your knees to pray for this sweet boy and his family. Pray for tomorrow's MRI to reveal a drastic improvement. Yes, he needs a miracle. Luckily, we worship a God of miracles. Let's ask for one. You can follow Hayden's journey here.

Thank you, as always, our amazing prayer warriors!

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