Monday, May 12, 2014

A Cathing we will go

This kid? 
He is SO ready for tomorrow. He's woken up every day for the past week, excitedly asking "is TODAY the day I get to have my cath???" and then being disappointed as I counted off the days remaining. On the list of reasons he is MOST excited about the cath are: (1) getting to leave "in the middle of the night" (i.e. 5:15am); (2) getting to stay overnight; and (3) getting to watch the vacuum tube system (for transferring meds and notes from the pharmacy and nurses' stations to each other). 

So yeah, this is kid is so excited he can hardly contain himself.

And sissie is super excited to get to spend some extra time with her bestie while mommy and daddy are at the hospital with Bodie.
Me? Not so much. 
More like petrified. 
So much is riding on his cath. It has the potential to really make this Fontan physiology work well for Bodie. But it is just so.stinking.scary handing your precious child over to be put under anesthesia, with all of its attendant risks, for a procedure that may or may not work. I can usually more or less hold my cool through all of Bodie's heart stuff, but I'm not gonna lie - my stomach has pretty much been in my throat for the past few days. 

Please keep our boy in your prayers. We have to be at the hospital at 6am, so start those prayers early!
1. Pray that he tolerates the sedation well.
2. Pray that he has NO complications.
3. Pray that his pressures are low enough to test occlude his fenestration.
4. Pray that they are able to successfully close his fenestration.
5. Pray for an uneventful recovery.
6. Pray for peace for Dusk and I throughout the next couple of days, but especially when Bodie is in the cath lab. Those hours are always really nervewracking.

Just pray, please. We know that God is in control, but our nerves are still pretty frayed. 

I know you all follow him and love him, but...this little sunshine right here is our baby and we're scared. This CHD journey is no joke, folks.
We covet your prayers heading into tomorrow. 


  1. PRAYING!!! We are right behind you in cath schedules and I so get the nerves and anxiety and on-your-knees praying that is going on. Much love to you all!!

  2. Hey! I'm prayin for our little man Bodie. He will do great!!!!!

    Love you guys,

    George Landes in Annapolis, MD