Friday, May 1, 2015

Halfway to Driver's License

Our sweet Sierra turned 8 years old last week! I can't believe our sweet girl is seriously 8 years old (as likes to remind us "I'm halfway to my driver's license, mommy!"). 
My, how time flies.
We love you so, so much sweet girl. We could not be more proud of the beautiful, sweet young lady you are. We know you're on the precipice of growing up and my mommy heart isn't quite ready for that! At 8, you're still our little girl, you still think your daddy hangs the moon and would rather be with mommy than anybody. You love your little brother in equal parts adoration and annoyance. Can we hang onto this phase just a little bit longer? 
You're reading like a fiend (we are so, so, so proud of the way your reading skills have improved this year!), you're loving ballet and sewing - and our days are consumed with American Girl, Frozen and Ramona Quimby. You talk often about what life will be like someday when you're a mommy (but we're ok with taking things slowly until that time comes!). You are SUCH a caring little girl. When mommy was sick with the stomach flu last night, you were my perfect nursemaid, constantly checking in on me, and so worried about me. You have such a big heart, sweetheart, always wanting to help others. 
We LOVE you!

For Sierra's 8th birthday, we went all out with a Frozen theme (including a cake that really gave mommy a run for her money!). 
The kiddos made masks, frozen themed hair bows and bookmarks.
(Bodie thought it was pretty cool.)
It was SO FUN to see how each child put their own unique spin on their crafts - no two were the same!
The kiddos (and WE) had a great time!
Gigi and Popo got in on the fun, too! 
 We finished it off by getting Sierra's ears pierced - and effectively aged her another year! :-)
God has so blessed us with being your parents!

Mommy & Daddy


  1. Pretty Girl just like Mommy
    ~Happy birthday Sierra~


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