Thursday, June 8, 2017

The faces of resilience

So the kids' school had their annual awards ceremony this morning.

This kid got HONOR ROLL!!!
This kid has had one hell of a school year. 
He started the year 2 weeks out from heart surgery, and was in full blown sudden and severe heart failure by November. He spent the next few months in and out of the hospital and doctor's appointments, suffering from on and off heart failure induced nausea and exhaustion. And, although he has adjusted to his new normal, things are far from settled even now. And yet, still, in spite of the chaos and the uncertainty and the days he just didn't feel well, he pushed through and kept on his schoolwork the best he could. 
He earned honor roll today. 
That is nothing short of spectacular. 

But wait, there's MORE!

This girl cleaned up on the awards.
She ALSO earned HONOR ROLL!!! 
In a year where there was complete chaos in our lives and a home shrouded in worry, she dealt with her own diagnosis and new medications, and she pushed through and worked her little tail off. We seriously could not be prouder of this girl.
She ALSO earned a band award as well as her class 1st place spelling bee award. 

Both kids also earned church attendance (I love that our school recognizes how important church is to a child's upbringing and rewards families who place a priority on it!) and perfect punctuality (which really Dusk and I deserve as well, because it's freaking H.A.R.D. battling through traffic to get kids to school in LA on time!). 

Which brings me to the final picture.
Yes, our kids are awesome.
So awesome.
But let's be real. 
They didn't earn these awards on their own.
The mere fact that they earned any award other than "I made it to school some days, and occasionally even had my teeth brushed and shoes on when I got there" is a miracle given how rough our year has been. 

So, really, the awards belong to Dusk and me just as much.
(I'm not sure my favorite part of the picture - our expressions, the fact that it's blurry, or the American Girl dolls looking down over us!)

If all of our faces - Dusk's, mine, Sierra's and Bodie's - are not the faces of resilience, then I don't know what is. 

If there were an award for most resilient family, we'd have to be in the running. Just sayin. 
If you hear of one, feel free to nominate us. 
In the meantime, we'll be here rolling in the awards.
Because that's not weird.
Just resilient. 
Or at least that's what we're calling it. 


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