Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Please pray for Nathaniel and Townes

Hi! Two other heart babies I've met through the last few months are both going in for procedures tomorrow (Thursday, 1/28) at Children's Hospital LA and I'm asking for prayers for them!

Nathaniel: He is almost 3 (so unbelievably cute!!!) and will be having the Fontan, the final surgery in the staged surgeries to treat HLHS. You may remember that I mentioned meeting him and his parents during our visit to CHLA. Well, the time has come for him to have his final surgery. Although the Fontan is technically less risky than the first surgery (and I think maybe the second as well), it is still major open heart surgery and complications can arise. Please please pray that he does exceptionally well and is discharged really quickly (if all goes well, these kids can be out as quickly as a week or so; otherwise, it can be a long haul)! He is such a cute, sweet little guy and I know it must be so hard for his parents to know what he's about to go through. He goes in for surgery at 6am I believe.

Townesend ("Townes"): Townes is a cute, spunky 13 month old who lives near us in El Segundo. I have had the pleasure of meeting with his mom a couple of times now, and Sierra got to come with me to meet him and his cute almost 3-year old sister last week (so fun!). He is going in for a heart catheterization at CHLA tomorrow, I believe midday (I want to say 1pm maybe). Please pray that the procedure goes well, they don't find any surprises, and that he's home sleeping happily in his own bed tomorrow night!!!

Thanks everyone for your prayers for these other sweet heart kids.



  1. Thank you for sharing these boys with us. The prayers are on their way!

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us. Prayers are being sent up for them and their families as well