Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick update on us - and Nathaniel and Townes!

I had my 36 week appointment with my OB yesterday, where they did a non-stress-test and baby seemed to do fine with that. I had some contractions during the test, but nothing regular, which was good. Then, I had my last appointment with the cardiologist today and, while baby hasn't grown a functioning left ventricle yet (or, well, a left ventricle at all for that matter), baby is stable and growing well. Heart function looks good and the aorta has grown and is now 3.8! That was great news - the cardiologist was happy about that - it generally makes the surgery a bit easier. They also checked my fluid levels and those look good. The nurse who checked my fluid levels has been doing this forever and I asked her estimate on baby's size. She says if I go all the way to my c-section date, she thinks baby will be just under 8lbs. Probably around 7lb10 or 12oz or so. Sierra was 8lb2oz, so it'll be interesting to see if the nurse is right this time around!

As for Nathaniel and Townes, thank you much for all of your prayers on both of their accounts! Townes's cath ended up being rescheduled at the last minute, so won't be until Feb 11th now. So, he'll need your prayers then! And Nathaniel's surgery went great! It took only 2 hours and there were no complications. He's in the PCICU, but they're hopeful he'll be released to the general pediatriac floor by tomorrow night or Saturday morning, which would be absolutely wonderful! Please continue to pray for no complications - thankfully, he's doing well so far, but you just never know with these heart kiddos.

Thanks for your continued prayers!

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