Friday, January 8, 2010

We have a birth plan!

I had my monthly perinatologist and cardiologist appointments yesterday and baby is measuring right on target! (I am 33 1/2 weeks and baby was measuring 33 or 34 weeks on all measurements, which really is fantastic news, considering the enormity of baby's heart defect!) Although I had hoped not to have a c-section, the cardiologist told me that the latest research has shown that for HLHS babies with a smaller aorta (which ours has), labor reduces blood flow to the brain, so they don't recommend it under any circumstances. So, it looks like a c-section for us. If it's what's best for baby, then I have no problem with it.

So, it looks like my c-section will be scheduled at Cedars for Feb 16, 17 or 18, depending on my OB's schedule. (I should know the specific date within the next week or so.) That will put me a little over 39 weeks, so baby can cook as long as possible. The great news is that my wonderful cardiologist who has been following me the whole pregnancy, Dr. Nancy Kim, will be in the room for the delivery, which is such a comfort to me.

Baby will be born on that Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and then have an echo, brain scan and kidney scan at Cedars and then should be transferred to Children's Hospital LA that night or the next day, depending on bed availability. Then, hopefully, baby's first surgery will be scheduled for the following Monday (Feb 22nd).

Our cardiologist tells us that the outcomes, length of stay post-surgery, etc. tend to be largely dependent on the size of baby's aorta. Apparently, they stratisfy the success rates around the aortic size - the cut-off is 2mm. Our baby's is 2.5mm. So, technically, we're over that cut-off, but not by much. The cardiologist would've prefered that it be closer to 4 or 5mm, particularly since our baby's condition may be complicated by the fact that there is some hardening of the right ventricle and a lower than average heart rate (they don't know if either of those conditions will be problematic yet, but they certainly could be). But it is what it is and we're still hopeful we'll be one of the success stories.

We have a consultation with our surgeon at Children's Hospital this coming Monday and should find out more then. In the meantime, PLEASE keep the prayers coming - I know it's the one thing keeping both of us (but especially Amy) sane through this whole process!

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  1. Soooo glad to hear it's all falling into place and that baby is growing just perfectly!

    Also excited I will be close enough to visit again...

    Still praying tons for that little one and you.