Friday, March 4, 2011

Bowling for blessings

Man oh man, has life been BUSY BUSY BUSY!!! Lots of updates:
First, the title of this entry - BOWLING. For the first time ever, Sierra had a dental appointment this week that went wonderfully well. Not only did she not lose her cookies like she usually does, but she was extremely cooperative and did everything the really nice dental hygenist asked her to do. As a reward, we went out to dinner and went bowling- it was Sierra's first time! (FUN for her - and music to mama's ears, since it means she is FINALLY old enough to be bribed! YAY!)...

Proud Sierra at dinner
Mr. Dapper at dinner (do you see the pink fairy wand in his hand? It's his newest obsession. Thank goodness Sierra has decided she doesn't really want it anymore, because I'd hate to try to pry it out of Bodie's hot little hands - Daddy's not to thrilled about it! LOL)
This is Daddy's assessment of going out to dinner with 2 kids in tow...
She was SO excited about bowling!
Showing off her ball!
Bodie didn't do too shabby either...he was fascinated by the whole experience!

She also had her first SLEEPOVER tonight with her best friend Fia! As things often do with 3 and 4 year olds, it ended a bit earlier than anticipated (Fia went home a bit before 10pm), but that's ok - we sure had fun while she was here and each experience gets the girls a bit more comfortable with their own independence. :-)

Sierra and her bff Sofia

And finally, Bodie is BUSY BUSY BUSY. I mean, I think the kid might be certifiably crazy. He is on the move ALL.THE.TIME. He is constantly pulling up on anything and everything in sight, pulling things out of where they belong (can I tell you how long it takes to empty a dishwasher when I have to slam it closed after every 2 items just to keep his meaty little paws from pulling all the nice clean silverware out and throwing it all over the kitchen floor? ;-)), dumping things over, throwing things, climbing over and under things, crawling all over them. He is ON THE MOVE. I cannot keep up. Praise God for busyness - it means he's acting like a normal, healthy 1 year-old boy! Just a few examples...

Like I said, he's crazy. Always moving. These pics were all taken within about 15 minutes of each other (if that).
He dug through the trash in my office, found a cupcake wrapper and proceeded to eat it. And oh, did he ever give me the whatfor when I took it away! Man, this kid is an animal...
"Who me? Did I make a teeny mess in here? Not me!"
This is what happens when you have an older sister...
Like I said, he's busy, busy, busy. But no matter how exhausting it is for me to keep up with him, what a blessing to be chasing him around and worrying about "normal" things!!! :-)



  1. Yes, such a blessing! :) They are too cute.

  2. Great to see you and the family out having fun together. And I suppose dumping over the office trash is much better than the bathroom trash :)


  3. These are great pictures, Amy. Very heart warming to see Bodie so BUSY,curious and active. I never cease to be completely amazed by him and reminded that our God is so good!

  4. Hi there! I met you yesterday at Travis' celebration. I am the one that Nicole said was staking your blogs(LOL - it's half true)! Anyway, I went on the Sisters by Heart blog to see which ones I had met yesterday and came across your blog again. I read this post about your little guy being super busy. Well.....I thought of you this morning as my nearly 1 year old, Drake (who you also met yesterday) was in action. In less than 10 minutes, he managed to pull a bunch of things out of the pantry, rip some magazines, knock over a lamp, pull the basket of diapers out, and my personal favorite dump the jumbo size box of tampons from Costco out on the bathroom floor! :)
    So I totally get the 'busy' factor but as you said it's normal (and they're so proud and cute)!
    Take care and have a great day,