Friday, March 4, 2011

The sweetness of answered prayer

(Click photo to enlarge.)

All the while our sweet babies were fighting for their lives in the CTICU of Children's Hospital Los Angeles last spring, Dana and I prayed for the day that we might have a playdate outside of the hospital, that our babies might live to see that day. They did. That day finally came...last week. (For the record, both of our babies have been out of the hospital for a while now, but we couldn't manage to get them both healthy at the same time until last week.) A long time coming for sure, but it was so worth it.

Praise God. Praise Him indeed for this answered prayer. And praise Him for the friendship between Dana and I, a friendship born of adversity, but one which has blossomed into so much more. And the friendship between Dana's mom and my mom, who can understand one another in only the way a mother who has stood by helplessly and watched her daughter hurt profoundly for her granchild can. Praise Him indeed. We are so very very blessed.

(You can read more about the incredible Addie in my posts last May - as she struggled to recover from surgery and fought for her life in the cticu and when she moved to the step down floor.)




  2. Heart friend playdates are the best! :) Glad both of those cuties were finally well at the same time!