Sunday, March 27, 2011

Doing the desert, Bodie style

We took a MUCH needed breather this weekend, a little trip out to Palm Springs. My parents have a wonderful place out there, and it's one of our favorite places to just get away. I swear my whole body relaxes the second I walk inside. It ended up being a bit of a landmark trip for us. In addition to the fact that Bodie had more fun than he's ever had there (thanks to being SO mobile), it was the first trip we've taken out there where he didn't throw up once(!) AND we never put him on pulse ox (yes, heart moms who know me well, you know we had it with us, we just never actually pulled it out to use!)! All in all, it was a really fun weekend.

Now, on to the pictures...

So, as it turns out, it IS possible to OD on guac (who knew?)...
Luckily, a guac hangover can apparently be fixed with a bath and a toothbrush... Sierra goofing off at dinner (she, fortunately, managed to keep her guac in her mouth)... guessing this is just a precursor to the years where her eyes are always in this position... Lunch in the beautiful 80 degree weather (which, coincidentally, showed up about 2 hours before we were ready to leave - it was fairly cold and windy the rest of the time)... So we figured, what the heck, let's let the kids get in one last dip in the pool before we leave. Sierra went first and had SO MUCH fun with daddy... Bodie was stuck in his high chair watching the action (he looks miserable, right?)
So daddy took pity on him and he got to go in the pool as well...
(note to self: do NOT take a pic of cardiac kid dressed in blue with a blue swimming pool as background when he's already a little chilly...otherwise, you end up with blueberry lipped boy and a freaked out mom!)

And in other Bodie news, this kid is ON THE MOVE. constantly. Within the first hour of being at the house, he had pulled all of the magazines off the coffee table and knocked over enough picture frames that all of the lower levels of frames had been moved to higher elevations. Oh, and he ate, yes, literally bit a chunk out of, a coaster container. WHO does that? I mean c'mon. He's a bit of a brute. Just tonight, in the bathtub with Sierra, he was trying to get past her to the little plastic mirror hanging on the bathtub wall and she was in his way. First he tried literally stepping on her (he spends most of his bathtub time standing up and cruising around the bathtub walls, so it's no surprise that eventually he's going to run into her - as much as he'd like to believe otherwise, he doesn't exactly own the bathtub), but wasn't having much success. So then, he sat down and PINCHED her. And then pulled her hair. What? Yeah, this kid let's you know what he wants, that's for sure. Oh, and has he ever got A LOT to say. In addition to a whole lot of babbling that we can't understand, he now says mama (although he seems to say it only when he wants a bottle - I'm not sure whether I should be flattered or mildly offended that my name conjures up images of food for him), dada, all done (when he wants to), bye bye (almost all the time now) and night-night (this is a fun one that he just started saying his week)! Honestly, we were really worried about his lack of communication, but I think he might even have more words than Sierra had at this point. He's definitely at a FUN stage! Praise God!



  1. Wait, Amy. Do you eat avocados, now?

  2. Your kids are so beautiful Amy! Their smiles are so amazing!!

  3. Great pics... they had me LOL!!!!

  4. Hilarious post! Bodie's gauc pics cracked me up. Sounds like he is ALL boy!

  5. Bodie is so funny! I love reading all that he's up to, it always makes me laugh.

    Pictures are great....beautiful pool!!! :)