Saturday, August 6, 2011

This little piggy

Last weekend, when I was up visiting my parents, we took the kids to the Mid State Fair. The Mid State Fair is an awesome fair - I grew up going there every summer and have such fond memories. I was so excited to take the kids this year! We had a great time! While Sierra has always been more or less interested in animals (more interested in looking at them, less interested in actually getting close and touching them), Bodie is most definitely an animal lover (sorry daddy, but I expect a family dog is in our future!).

He liked all of the animals, but was absolutely OBSESSED with the pigs, as you can see from the below video:
(uh...please ignore the whole-stepping-on-the-piggy - I did mention the kid likes to climb on anything and everything, right?)

He kept going up to them, touching and grabbing them, and then backing away the second they tried to touch him with their snouts. It was really funny. He was quite the character. Definitely a memorable trip to the fair. :-)

Nothing says summer like kiddos sharing a chocolate covered banana...

and again, with the pigs...

You know, it's really too bad these kids just don't have a good quality of life, huh? Guess no one told Bodie! ;-)And, like usual, we snapped a few other fun pics over the weekend (what can I say but that I LOVE my camera?) Bodie with the birdbath in my parent's backyard... In other news, please keep Bodie in your prayers. He broke out in a really bad rash earlier this week and now has a low-grade fever to go along with it. (As an aside, I think it's hilarious that Dusk asked me "where on earth does this kid get this stuff?" I could only muster an "uh, did you not see the piggy video? It's impossible to keep this kid from sticking his hands in his mouth after touching everything filthy in sight. A mama can only do so much...")

Anyway, there was a concern that it might be Scarlet Fever (not really a super big deal - that's essentially advanced Strep Throat and is treated pretty easily with antibiotics, but it CAN BE a big deal for heart kiddos because if left untreated, it can turn into Rheumatic Fever, which can damage the heart - not a good thing for a heart that's already damaged by definition). His pediatrician did a quick test that identifies 80% of the cases of scarlet fever/strep and that came back negative (we're waiting on results of the 72hr culture, which would be 100% accurate). She's pretty sure it's just a virus and we need to keep an eye on it. But last night was rough - nobody (except Sierra, whose used to sleeping through ridiculous amounts of noise after having been in daycare so long) got much sleep tonight. Lots of crying and whimpering coming from Bodie. So please keep him in your prayers, that he kicks whatever this is to the curb SOON. Also, big cardiology appointment coming up Friday, which means mama's heart is already in her throat. Please pray for good results there! Thanks!


  1. Great update (minus the fever/rash part, of course)! I'll be keeping y'all in my prayers as his cardiology visit approaches... I'm oh-so-familiar with those feelings...

    We've really gotta find a way to get our east/west coast boys to meet in person. Seriously. Oh, the fun they would have together (as would their big sisters)!!! :)

    ((Heart hugs!))

  2. He is so chunky cute (esp. for 'heart' kid!)