Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The world is his Everest

"He won't stop climbing" I chuckled to our dear friend Colleen earlier today, as we watched him climb on and off her sweet black cat over and over again.

"But...he won't stop climbing" I whimpered to my husband when he walked in the door tonight, as he turned to see him standing on the kids' picnic table.

"No seriously...he WON'T stop climbing" I cried to my mom tonight as I watched him try to launch himself from the rocking chair into his crib for the hundredth time.

I am not exaggerating folks. Bodie has apparently decided he is in training for the next hike up Everest because he will.not.stop.climbing. And everything he climbs is dangerous to dangerous to anyone standing nearby. A heart attack a minute for mama!

On the couch...
Over the couch (which he successfully launched himself completely over last week) - and I do have to give him bonus points for flair - do you see that pointed toe?...
On the ottoman...
On the rocking chair...
Apparently no one told HIM he had a half a heart and shouldn't be able to climb. Some days I think it'd be ok if he knew. Today was one of those days. :-)


  1. It must be in there blood.., Connor will climb over everything and it scares me to death!!!! Our baby boys have no fear I wish I had some of that

    Heart hugs

  2. LOL. Oh Bodie- you are gonna be handful for your poor mama! ;)

  3. Oh thanks for the heads-up! Like I don't have enough to worry about :) Those pictures made my heart flutter, I can only imagine yours!!!