Monday, December 19, 2011

The fashion police

So, Sierra's always been known for her "unique" sense of style.

So, when Bodie came out with boy parts, I breathed a huge sigh of relief that the crazy (read: embarassing to mommy and daddy) dressing days were over. Clearly, I was delusional.


Now that he can and does pick out his own clothing, it is generally variations on the above outfit - 1 of his 3 monkey shirts, swim trunks (yes, swim trunks - EVERY.SINGLE.DAY), either a whistle or a beads around his neck and legwarmers (our general rule with the kids has always been that if you want to express yourself through clothing, that's totally fine as long as (1) you're not showing too much skin and (2) it's weather appropriate - so the end result is that we have a rather prolific use of Babylegs legwarmers in our household). His therapists tell me he's the most fashionable one at TWISPP. But I know - that's just a nice way of saying "wow, what a weirdo!" It's ok - we love him anyway. :-)


  1. u guys are lucky that you live in California :) I think Sierra is vrey fashionable and Bodie probably just wants to be just as fashionable as his sister.. lol.. Emily is just starting to rebel against what I want her to wear, so now we will see, but we live in Chicago, so the whole weather appropriate thing will be an issue in below zero temps.