Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grateful Hearts

Top 10 Things the Bennetts are Grateful for this Thanksgiving

1. NO one throwing up! (If you need to know why we're specifically grateful for this, look here). 

2. A ridiculously inquisitive little boy, who just wants to know how everything works.

3. Living somewhere warm enough the snowmen shirts almost always go with shorts.

4.Multitasking mamas (toddler in arm, backpack on back, older child holding hand, marching down the hiking trail . In the pic, daddy is holding our "other child," our Canon SLR camera - but rest assured, we quickly did some switching around!)

5. NOT being in the hospital! (We spent Sierra's first Christmas (and the 4 days before and 5 days after) as well as all but one holiday between Valentine's Day and Labor Day of Bodie's first year in the hospital!)

6. An independent little boy who just wants "WALKING"

7. Enough said. ADORABLE face.

8. Brand spanking new Christmas jammies (Bennett family tradition: new Christmas jammies and watching A Christmas Story on Thanksgiving night - hello holidays!).

9. 2 HAPPY AND HEALTHY kiddos!

10. A loving God who made this beautiful creation for us to enjoy!
(all these hiking pics were taken in palm Springs - who knew there was this much beauty here???)

Happy Thankgiving from our family to yours!!!

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  1. Glad you are all having a wonderful holiday and have so many things to be thankful for. Love the pics We also do the Christmas pjs but they don't get theirs until Christmas Eve.