Sunday, January 8, 2012

From the Mouths of Babes

Every night, before bed, we have "Family Time," where the 4 of us sit, talk about our highs and lows of the day (Bodie hasn't quite got the hang of highs and lows yet - during this time, he typically just points to various body parts and shouts out their names) and then we pray. This past week, I was able to capture both kids saying their bedtime prayers. I never want to forget these sweet moments.

(he typically bows his head and folds his hands, but for whatever reason (maybe because, uh, a video camera was shoved in his face), he decided not to this night)

(if you don't "speak Sierra," she thanks Jesus for mommy, daddy and ladybugs, and then asks Him to make Bodie's nose stop running (amen, sista!), and help him not have any more Synergis shots (nasty shots Bodie has to get monthly during RSV season - he HATES them), for his surgeon (Dr. Starnes) and that his heart could feel better.


  1. my darling sierra. i often write to bodie, but today i wanna acknowledge YOU and tell how how amazing I think u are! you are a beautiful big sister, sweet girl. may God bless you for the many things YOU have had to endure in your early childhood becuase of my sweet Bodie's journey. don't think you are forgotten. you are not! much love to you and your special brother... and your amazing mom and dad. much love, nairi n fmaily