Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project 52.5. Flexible...and sunny days

Seriously, my kids were NOT good nappers from the start. Both of them, for the first year, specialized in the super short nap. Although Sierra was more generous than Bodie and would often nap for a full 45 minutes, Bodie seriously would do 20-25 minute naps. And yes, his last nap before I gave up and said "that's it! We're sleep training!" was 12 minutes. Say wha?!? Fun times, right? But after sleep training and getting a little older, they both developed much more flexible sleep habits, thank goodness! By about 18 months, they had both dropped down to 1 nap and it was at least 90 minutes. And within a month or 2 after that, we stopped having to be so rigid with when we put them down. It is SO freeing now to know that Bodie will go down, really, anytime between 12:30 and 3 or so - and he'll sleep at least 90 minutes. And Sierra still naps (I know, I know - we're super lucky!) and, best of all, they nap at the same time! Praise God!!!

So today, after we got home from church and had lunch and I realized it was waaaaaaaaaaaaay too beautiful outside (80+ degrees!) to make them go down for naps already, we decided to do water play. I pulled out pots and pans, measuring cups and Sierra grabbed the bath toys. They had a blast. And when I put them down at 2:30, Bodie was out before his head hit the crib. ;-) A few more pics from the fun (and, yes, this is January weather - suddenly, living in LA doesn't seem so bad after all!)... 


  1. Ohh how I miss 80 degrees when we barely get 30 in Chicago right now... Those two beach kiddos look adorable playing in the sun. :)

  2. so how did you sleep train? sigh. Caden wont nap.