Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lucky 7's

Tomorrow, our sweet girl turns 7. Man, it seems impossible that it was really 7 years ago that she came springing into our lives after 27 hours of labor (the last 4 1/2 hours of which were pushing!). 
We had no idea just how much this little peanut would change our lives - how she would just crack our hearts wide open and race in to to fill every bit we never knew had been empty.

We love you so much, Sierra, and couldn't be prouder of you. You've had so much thrown at you the past year, and, through it all, you've shined. You haven't just kept up in life despite some pretty hefty changes and roadblocks, you've charged forward. You've learned and grown so much in the past year. A year ago, you could barely remember how to write your letters, and now you're writing notes and stories - and reading entire books. You are learning in leaps and bounds and have such an excitement for anything new. We have so loved watching you enthusiastically take on ballet, and gymnastics, and swimming, and volleyball and softball. 

Sweetheart, as you're heading into 7, daddy and I want you to know what we admire most about who you are RIGHT NOW. I think what we love the most about you is your sincere interest in others. You always (and I mean, ALWAYS) have to know what everyone is doing at all times. It's such a gift, and one that will serve you well as God nudges you toward those crossing your path who will most need your love and support. In the meantime, let's spend year 7 working on harnessing that gift and knowing when it should and should not (i.e. maybe not every single second of every single minutes of 1st grade!) be used.

And we so admire your willingness to try ANYTHING new and take it on with a smile. That's a gift your mommy has never had - I've never been able to try new things without an inkling of fear unsettling my stomach. I adore watching you jump in with both feet and a huge grin on your face. Please, please, don't ever lose that fearlessness. Let God use that for His purposes. It will take you far.
Happy 7th birthday to the sunshine in our lives. We love you so much and can't wait for many more years to love on you (but can we go somewhere other than Hometown Buffet for next year's Birthday dinner, pretty please?) 

Daddy, Mommy and Bodie

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