Monday, December 12, 2016

Cath is underway

We just left Bodie in the cath lab. Bodie has refused oral Versed (the "happy medicine" that allows them to go back for procedures easily and happily) for his last few procedures. He usually requests iv Versed instead. But this morning was rough (heart failure and hunger do NOT mix well for Bodie and he felt awful this morning) and he was fighting the iv as the anesthesiologist walked up.

The anesthesiologist offered to let me walk him back to the cath lab and him just do the anesthesia via mask, with a ketamine shot as a backup. Bodie chose that.

Except that he didn't want the mask when it came time for it, so chose Ketamine instead, but then was very ticked when he realized the Ketamine was only to relax him enough so he wouldn't fight the mask, and not a substitute for the mask. I will say, it was comforting to be reminded of how smart and brave my 6 year old is, as he was indignantly saying "but I chose the pokey!!!" to the anesthesiologist who was trying to put the mask on him after the Ketamine. Bodie is one smart cookie.

All to say, pre op was eventful and traumatic as always, but he is back now and we will hopefully have answers soon.

Please pray for his heart, his mind and his body. Pray for GOOD answers and send a clear path forward. And pray for Dusk and and I, because I will tell you, it doesn't matter how many times you do this, it just doesn't get any easier.


  1. Big love and bigtime prayers for GOOD answers. <3 Alexa

  2. So many prayers going up for you and your family. xoxoxo

  3. Been following Bodie's story and have nothing but respect and love for this kid! He is such a trooper! Praying for him and your family ❤️❤️❤️

  4. You and your son are my heroes. Praying you get clear and direct answers so you know your next steps forward.

  5. thinking of you, Dusk, Sierra and of course a big courageous shout out to Bodie. Heroes come in all sizes and our live right up the street! much love, Hannah, Dan, Ben and Emi.