Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our hero

(Not sure if you can read the shirt - it says "Little Hero".)

We love you little man. Now that you're 8 weeks post-op, we can actually lift you up under the armpits (no longer a risk of injuring the sternum). And that means you want to stand All. The. Time. And you are SO proud of yourself for doing it. Really stinking cute - and so fun to watch your strength increase by the day. You are SUCH a joy and we could not possibly love you more!

The thickening wean starts tomorrow (we've been out of town at my parents since last Thursday, so didn't want to change his feeds until we got back - didn't want to risk an adverse reaction far from home). Please be praying for Bodie, that he tolerates coming off the thickener.


  1. Yea Bodie! I'm so glad you all are off restrictions! You don't really realize how hard it is to not pick a baby up under their armpits until you can't, right? :)
    Praying for Bodie that all goes well with the weaning!

  2. My darling Amy.

    Bodie is in our prayers at least twice daily! And you are right, even IIIII couldn't love him more! :o) Loads of love and waiting to hear good news about his feeds... God bless you all: Nairi, Michael and kids

  3. Hello Amy,

    I have followed your journey with Bodie from the beginning. I check for updates every morning! It is such a blessing tha Bodie is doing so well..all Glory to the Lord! I wanted to pass along another blog from a family going through the same thing as yours. I am not sure if you are familiar with the Christian group Sanctus Real? Well the lead singer Matt Hammitt and his family have started the same journey. If you google Bowen's Heart you can read his blog. It would be pretty cool if you two could share stories and such!

    I do pray for your family! God Bless you!!