Sunday, December 12, 2010

Take this pump and shove it

Take this...and this...and this... and ESPECIALLY this...
and shove it...where? I don't care. Anywhere. Up in the attic. Under the bed. Out the window for all I care. Just shove it. I never want to look at it again.

10 months, many, many, many hours, ridiculous amounts of pump parts washed and santitized over and over again, and 7,242 ounces later...I am officially putting the pump away. Some women are lucky enough to have a love-hate relationship with their pump; mine was just 100% hate-hate. Honestly, this probably ranks up there with passing the CPA exam and running my first marathon as one of my proudest accomplishments. NEVER did I think I could stick it out this long. But I did, and I am so proud.

It is kind of with mixed emotions that I am done pumping. Don't get me wrong - I HATED pumping and couldn't be more excited to be done with it. But, this will be the first time in 4 1/2 years that I'm not pregnant, breastfeeding or pumping. And, if I include the time we were trying to get pregnant, it's been about 5 years since I wasn't trying to get pregnant, pregnant, breastfeeding or pumping. Kind of a big shift to be DONE with that and to have my body be only mine. A new phase in life, I suppose - and I tend to get nostalgic about new phases in life. Truly, I loved being able to provide for my children in such a natural way. I feel very lucky I was able to nurse Sierra as long as I did and pump for Bodie as long as I did.

I have almost 2 months of milk stored for Bodie in the deep freeze, but because he's recently developed a serious preference for formula (I know, he's a weird kid), I may be able to do 1/2 formula & 1/2 breastmilk and get it to last all the way through cold and flu season. I'd like to give Bodie a little extra immunity to get him through.

Sadly, I think Bodie will be the most disappointed about the pump being put away...


  1. My gorgeous peanut! You just keep getting more n more handsome! Amy, I am completely with you on the whole pumping thing! I'm proud of you for sticking to it as long as you did!

    Much love and God Bless You all.

    Nairi, Michael and kids

  2. Great job, Amy!!! Yesterday my husband said he would be happy once I am finished pumping for Milosh an I wanted to kick him LOL They have no idea what it takes. I don't think I ever shared the link to Milosh's care pages - if you want to check him out

  3. I too had a hate-hate relationship with my pump. I had even rented a hospital grade one to see if there was a difference. You are right this is way up there with passing the CPA, which actually took me longer than I was pumping, but whose counting. I plan to pump once again for my son whi will be born with HLHS this comming February or March 2011. I hope to do it as long as you did since I only lasted 5 months with my first daughter.

    Good luck to you, your posts give me so much information on what to expect and how life will change. I know it's different for every family and every child, but I the type that wants to be as prepared as possible and I feel like I never will be.

    Thanks for sharing and you have a beautiful son.