Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, our sweet warrior

Dearest Bodie,

One year ago today, we were scared. We didn’t know what to expect. We knew we had a baby we loved. We knew that baby had a serious heart defect. We knew that baby would be fighting for his or her life from the moment he or she left mommy’s tummy. We didn’t know how long that fight would last. We didn’t know if you’d be strong enough for surgery…or whether you’d make it through surgery…or whether we’d ever hold you…or bring you home…or introduce you to your sister...or watch you learn to walk or talk...or celebrate your first birthday with you. We knew we had to trust God to take care of you and our family…and that’s about all we knew.

But one year ago today, we didn’t know YOU. Sweet, determined, stubborn, able to overcome incredible odds, YOU. Oh Bodie, you are such a fighter. We should have known how determined you’d be. Even in the womb, you would constantly shove your little knee into mommy’s side. Mommy would nudge it back into place and you would shove it right back out. And so it went, over and over again. Many times a day. Mommy vs. Baby. As we said, we should have known then that you wouldn’t back down from a fight.

And you have faced one heck of a fight this past year. 3 open heart surgeries, 2 cardiac catheterizations, 100 days in Intensive Care Units and another 36 spent on the regular pediatric cardiac floor, more appointments with doctors, therapists and your cardiologist than we can count, well baby checks and vaccinations, monthly Synergis shots, paraflu and c-diff (at the same time, no less) and let’s not forget MRSA in your bloodstream, lots of teething and little colds along the way. But through it all? Smiles, giggles, learning to roll, then crawl, then cruise. Lots of hugs, waves, high-fives and kisses. A smile that melts your mama’s soul. A joy for life that surpasses what we could ever have expected for you. Oh, we could NOT be prouder of you, our sweet little warrior.

We know your fight is far from over. We know you still have at least one open heart surgery, pacemaker maintenance for life, and possibly a heart transplant someday. But today, on your first birthday, we rejoice in the normalcy of your life right now. We rejoice that we can worry about you eating cheerios off the floor, instead of catching illness in a hospital somewhere. We rejoice that we can be annoyed with your separation anxiety because mama’s in the kitchen and you’re in the living room with sissy, instead of because mama’s at home and you’re in a hospital bed somewhere. We rejoice because you are constantly getting into things you shouldn’t (mama’s Tupperware and sissy’s markers are your favorites) and because you giggle uncontrollably when you’re crawling into the bathroom, because you know you’re not supposed to be there. We rejoice because you hate dirty diapers, but hate being put on your back to have them changed even more (oh, that you could figure out a way for mama to change your diaper without actually changing it!). We rejoice that we can enjoy all of these normal things. Life is so good right now and we are forever grateful for that. We have enormous hope for your future, sweet boy. We hope and pray for many, many more birthdays with you, celebrating the miracle that you are!

Most of all, we rejoice in you. God has given us such a gift in you. You have taught us to slow down and appreciate life, the wonder that is raising little ones. We love you so much and you are our brave little hero. Happy 1st birthday, our little half-hearted miracle!!!

We love you!
Mommy and Daddy



  1. Happy Birthday Bodie!
    Congrats Amy, Dusk, & Sierra for being as courageous and strong as you were this first year. I'm so thrilled that you can sit back in the normalcy of everything right now. What a wonderful time in all of our lives-normal. Tell Bodie that people give "boring" a bad rap and he could stand to be a little more boring between now and his 2nd birthday. Soooo many hugs and kisses to you!
    Lisa & Olivia

  2. Happy Birthday Bodie! This was a very touching post Amy! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Happy Happy first Birthday Bodie! What a year,it was not the easiest on you or your family but you are a strong fighter and champ!

    Great post Amy! I love how much you rejoice in the everyday things with him, it is what makes them truely special.

  4. Happy 1st Birthday Bodie! What a year it has been for your whole family. You have many prayer warriors and we will continue praying along your journey.

  5. HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, my little miracle! I love you dearly and belive God had very special plans for your life, my Bodie.

    Continue to be blessed!

    Much Love,

    Nairi, Michael, and children

  6. Happy Birthday Bodie!! What a year for you sweet little warrior!!

  7. What a very heartfelt piece Amy.
    Happy Birthday Bodie! many many more to come. One year down, a lifetime more to go.

    mama of Elijah (HLHS/transplant)

  8. Tears of gratitude and joy are streaming down my face. I pray for Bodie and your family daily. Although we have never met, I hold you all very close.
    Praise The Lord for He is Good, His Mercy endures forever.

  9. Happy Birthday Bodie. You are a strong warrior and make your mom and dad so proud. You beat a lot of odds and hope that many HLHS'srs like mine will follow in your determined footsteps.
    Good luck and take care!

  10. Let me wipe away my tears of joy and wish you a HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY and many, many, more. You and your family are such special people. Kisses and hugs.

  11. Amy the video was so awesome! I think I cried through the whole thing! Bodie is the true meaning of a miracle.

  12. God is SO SO good! Miraculous.