Saturday, February 5, 2011

Red for Bodie!

Just wanted to pop on quickly to thank all of you who've sent me pics of you wearing red for Bodie! THANK YOU! I'm so excited to share them on the blog! Between caring for all the sickies around here and Mr. Velcro who's not too happy about having to share mommy's attention with the sickies, I probably won't get to post the pics at least until tomorrow, so if you haven't yet, please keep the pics coming my way! (remember - In the meantime, I'll leave you with this...this picture sort of encapsulates life in the Bennett household the past few days...

(by the way, his shirt reads "I cry when ugly people hold me" - just thought it was totally appropriate for velcro boy who pulls out the full waterworks if anyone (ugly or not) so much as threatens to disrupt his personal Bodie-being-held-by-mama space).



  1. I should of taken a picture of me yesterday...darn it!!!! I wore red pj pants and a red sweatshirt during the day, and then a red dress shirt when I was out with some mommies later on that evening. Anyway, I will be showing my support, especially next week. Let me know if I can feature your story, etc on my blog. :) My prayers continue for you all. God bless!

  2. Love the shirt, Amy! Hope everyone feels better very soon. Hugs.

  3. (Kelsey's sister, Beth)I wore one of Kelsey's old shirts that is red plaid and has a broken gold heart on it. Wish I took a picture!