Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meet Momo

THIS is Momo... If you know our family, you know Sierra has Tigger. Well, Bodie has officially decided on a lovey and it's "Momo" (short for monkey - mama wanted something Bodie could actually say, so he could easily ask for it). I'll be honest, we've been encouraging a lovey for awhile (it truly was out of self-preservation for mama, because, well, let's face it, I was his lovey for pretty much the first 15 months of his life; mama needed a pinch hitter). And in the last month, he has definitively picked one, and loves on this thing so much these days. It's so stinking cute. And, sentimentally , I am so glad he picked the one he did, because Momo has a lot of history with our little man...

Post-Op Norwood
(his nurses thought his monkey was so cute, they'd always arrange him in cute positions around Bodie)...

Post-Op Shunt Revision / Pacemaker MRSA Admission
One of his first car trips on "the outside"
Post-Op Glenn
First trip to Palm Springs (you can see Momo's eyes on the bottom right of the pic - and the aforementioned Tigger at the top)
Assuming his now usual position, snuggled in Bodie's arms, as Bodie's sleeps tonight...
The thing is, as often happens with belongings of any child after the first, we truly have no idea where Momo came from. We don't think he was a Sierra hand-me-down, but I suppose someone could have given him to us as a gender neutral gift before she was born (we didn't find out the sex of either kid until d-day). But we think someone gave it to us specifically for Bodie. So if you did, would you mind telling us? Because we'd sure love to give you a big THANK YOU. Bodie loves his Momo. And we love seeing him so happy.


  1. This blog update and the photos melt my heart. They remind me of Logan's old lovey, "Baby", his stuffed bear blanket. It was there through all of his surgeries and was treasured so much that we had to buy three backups. It too was a gift from someone. He has just outgrown it this past year, just in time to start preschool this fall, and at times it makes me sad. My sweet little guy who could't go anywhere without it is now brave enough to do everything without it. He does have a stuffed Mickey Mouse, "Mickey Baby", as he calls him that he has now latched onto but it isn't the same as when he had his first "Baby". Treasure Bodie's time with his lovey!

  2. How precious! You can really see how much Bodie has grown next to Momo. Sweet memories.

    Derrick has "DD," his blanket. Like Momo, DD was around at the hospital from the beginning so they have many memories together. Derrick LOVES DD and I'm so glad! This mama had to have a pinch hitter too. ;)

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  4. The monkey looks like it was made by Gund. The eyes are their style. I will have an eye out for his backup Momo.