Monday, June 6, 2011

Walk like an Egyptian

I suppose a more accurate description would be "Walk like a drunk frat boy," but I don't know, it somehow seemed inappropriate to compare my toddler to a drunk frat boy. (Though the comparison of having toddlers in the house has definitely been made to living in a frat - see this blog if you want a laugh.) But, well, see for yourself...

Although he's taken a step here and there over the past few weeks, he didn't really get it together to walk for real until tonight!!! Yep, you can say we're pretty darn proud right about now - our miracle boy is walking at 15 1/2 months - a little late, but well within the "normal" range! Yay normal!!!



  1. Bodie is amazing. So exciting to see him walking!!

  2. Yay! Go Bodie Go! He is right on time! Aidan didn't walk until 15 months and he had no health issues. Jake looks like he will be a 15 monther as well. He is taking steps but not many. He just loves walking along furniture, walls etc. So excited to see how well Bodie is doing. <3 you baby boy!

  3. Go, Bodie, go!!

    You adorable little drunk frat boy, you! :)

  4. YEAH! WAY TO GO! He's so cute!
    Matt called Colin a "drunken salior" when he was learning to walk :)

  5. My sweet Bodie! I can't believe you are walking! Wowie!!! I am so proud of you! I miss you so, so much!

    My dear Amy. I read this blog frequently and pray for my Bodie every day!!! I just don't have the time anymore to write you little notes. A few things that I've been wanting to remind you of by reading your commentaries... YOU ARE A SUPERMOM on every level, and I hope you continue to be hopeful and have faith that my Bodie is going to fulfill his perfect purpose in this life. I BELIEVE that God continues to have a special plan for Bodie. Bodie has already made such a difference in my life, and in the lives of my husband and children.

    We love you all and think of you often.

    Be blessed my dear friend, my handsome Bodie, sweet Sierra, and Dusk!

    Much Love,

    Nairi and family

  6. Go Bodie go!! Awesome news!!