Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Happenings

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween weekend! Dusk carved pumpkins with the kids on Saturday, we went to a fun Harvest Party with our new church on Sunday and then both kids trick or treated with Bodie's new TWISSP class on Monday morning - all 20 or so kids in the program went to the local businesses in the complex where the therapy center is located. It was one of the neatest experiences - the merchants were SO excited (apparently, this is the second or third year they've done it and everyone really looks forward to it). Have to say it was one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time.

(The funniest moment was probably when they got to a police supplier of some sort (lots of shirts, hats, equipment, etc. inside and police cars outside - Bodie ran in and started pointing and yelling "BAD GUY!" at everything in sight. It was fairly embarassing as I was trying to explain to him that no, police officers were the "Good guys" (not sure where he got the good guy/bad guy concept from, honestly) - but everyone got a kick out of it!)

Then, we stopped by Sierra's school to check out all of her little friends in their costumes - so adorable. And Dusk took the kids out trick or treating on Monday night. Dusk said Bodie did great - totally got the concept of walking up to the houses, putting the candy in his little basket and then saying "tank ooh". Apparently, he was quite the charmer. A far cry from last year, when we held him the whole time. :-)

Here's some pics of the festivities...
As you can see, Bodie was a HUGE fan of the whole pumpkin carving process...Ha...
Hey look - another picture of Bodie crying! Gotta love the lower lip pout - this kid, I tell ya (not sure exactly why he was losing his cookies here - I think probably because we weren't doing EXACTLY what he wanted to be doing at that moment in time - as an aside, I often find myself thinking that when Bodie was a newborn and I leaned over his isolette and told him he was going to have fight REALLY hard, perhaps I should have specified that I was referring to his heart defect and not everyone and everything!)...
 The kids posing with their pumpkins...
  Sierra was adorable as a Cal Poly cheerleader...
 Sierra with her bestie, Sofia (who's moving to South Carolina next month - but we're NOT talking about that!!!)
 Sierra with our favorite Teacher Juju, who has been an instrumental part of our lives since Sierra started at DRCCC at 4 months old - we love Juju!!!
  The kids, right before heading out to go Trick or Treating with Daddy!



  1. Adorable! Love that Bodie. He makes me laugh!! I wish it was you all that were moving to SC...I know if we could hang out I would be rolling on the floor laughing all the time.

    Bad guy! Hilarious!

  2. I think that last picture might be the best picture of your kids together ever! I LOVE it! Their big excited smiles are great!!! :) :)