Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh What a Feeling...a Special Heart Encounter

Being a heart parent isn't always easy. But having close friends traveling the journey with you makes it so, so, so much easier. One of those special friends is Stacey, one of my fellow Sisters by Heart moms. Stacey and I have such a special close friendship. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. Stacey, her husband Caleb, and their girls, heart-healthy Emmy (4 years old) and HLHSer Zoe (2 years old) made the trek from Phoenix out to Southern California for their family vacation and we had the opportunity to meet up with them and another fellow Sister by Heart Nicole (mom to sweet angel Travis, who I've talked about before many times on the blog). What follows is Stacey's blog entry detailing the awesomeness. (To read more about the amazing Zoe, you can follow their family blog at


Oh, What a Feeling!

Now that you're all singing Lionel Ritchie, let me tell you how I was dancing on the ceiling last week during our vacation to San Diego.

In a last minute scramble to get together with some of my So-Cal heart sisters, we decided to meet for dinner.   After a long day at Legoland, seeing 'my ladies' was definitely a highlight to the trip.

Many of you know the story of Sisters by Heart, but I cannot emphasize enough what these moms/sisters mean to me.  They literally are a life-line nearly every day.  They get me - all of me.  That's not an easy accomplishment, by any means.

So, when I saw Amy in the parking lot getting her littles out of the car, Caleb had to hold me back because I nearly leapt out of the car while it was still moving.  I wanted to give her a hug RIGHT THEN!  Barely looking for cars, I ran across the parking lot for a big ol' heart sister hug.

We had some fun trying to get the kids to cooperate for a photo before dinner.  We weren't too successful...

All the while we're trying to snap photos, we had no idea Nicole was sitting inside waiting for us!  It was a great impromptu dinner (ok, well, seeing each other was great... dinner was nearly impossible with the four darlings causing a ruckus.)

During dinner, lord knows why, Sierra and Emmy decided to eat UNDER the table.  And, we let them... 

If you know Amy and I, you know that we were not leaving without some decent photos of Bodie and Zoe together.  No way, no how.  So, after some serious prodding, begging, bribery, and wrangling, we got a few great shots!!!

I'm worried that Bodie looks worried about Zoe's leading...

If there is nothing like a big ol' hug from your heart sisters, then there certainly isn't anything like a big ol' hug from a fellow heart warrior!

Zoe and Bodie's first pow-wow, May 2012


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  1. Very cute and super fun!! So glad you all got to hang out with your kids!