Sunday, May 6, 2012

Orrier mark

Today after nap, Bodie and I were snuggling. All of the sudden, he sat up, pointed down at one of his chest tube scars (which, by the way, look far worse than the chest incision scar, which has always kind of surprised me) and said "boo boo, mama. Boo boo."
 I had to catch my breath. My sweet little man. Of course I knew he'd notice someday. I guess I just didn't realize it'd be so soon. Thinking of one of the most important lessons I have to teach him, to be proud and not ashamed of what he's been through and what those scars represent, I gently corrected him and said "no boo boo, sweetheart. It's your warrior mark."
He looked up at me with a huge grin, eyes full of wonder and pronounced proudly "Orrier mark, mama." Yep, my little "orrier" indeed. 


  1. Awww Bodie- You're getting SO big <3 Aly says the same thing (boo-boo). Aly also has a chest tube scar that looks so much worse than her chest scar. Most of them are fine but there is one that is bad. I have always found that weird too.

  2. Very cute! Sweet Bodie! I remember when Logan noticed his scars for the first time too.

  3. I love your blog entries amy!! i have to tell you that i felt your pain, sort of sort of when your niece was born. all the things you didn't get to do with Bodie, all the ways that she looked and he didn't...i thought of how i felt whenever a friend or family member has a baby and i go to the hospital to see them. it's a gentle pull, covered by a tidal wave, then tears, then appreciation for the babies God has trusted me with, etc. your way of explaining this totally hit home with me.
    i also wanted you to know that the hand foot and mouth is the worst. caroline has had it all week and i didn't even know she had it until the sitter called to tell me she had bumps all over the palms of her hands. ugh. i am glad he is doing better....xoxox