Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I love this kid

I love this age. I really, really do. 
I felt the exact same way when Sierra was this age and couldn't pronounce her 's's and would tell us she was going to "cool" and would pretend to talk on the phone and would hug everyone in sight, whether they wanted it or not.

I mean, I hate some parts of this age - like, say, the fact that this kid has single-handledly caused our property value to decline more in the past 2 weeks than the entire economic downfall has. Case in point - his valiant efforts to remove his Lightning McQueen nightlight from the wall resulted in this.
I know, I SHOULD be grateful he has the strength and energy to do this to a light socket, right? But man, WHY are boys so freaking destructive?!? We have so many books and toys that survived Sierra with only a few scratches that have been absolutely obliterated by Bodie!

But those moments, every last one of them are so far outweighed by his sweet moments...

When he sees a big trashcan or trash truck...anywhere...anytime. It's like seeing the spaceship landing on the moon for the first time. He squeals. He jumps. His whole body quivers. Ever heard the phrase "jumping out of his skin in excitement?" Pretty sure that phrase was coined with Bodie in mind. It is so flipping cute. I think we may just get him a bunch of trash cans for Christmas...

When he wakes up in the morning and gives me a huge hug and kiss, wraps his arms around my neck, squeezes tightly and says "Mama...I love you beary, beary, beary much..."

When he wants me and I'm not responding fast enough and I can hear him saying insistently "MOMMY BENNETT!!! MOMMY BENNETT!!!" (I cannot help but laugh at this one - what can I say but clearly the kid has learned to include someone's last name if you really really need their attention.)

When he wants to "read" his books and brings 2 books - one for him to read to himself and one for me to read next to him. And we sit on the couch together and read them silently.
When we have to dress him up for sports week at school and realize what a challenge it is when we're not a sports-minded family - and the poor kid ends up having to wear this - and thinks it's cool...

When I pick him up from MOPS, or TWISP, or even just when he's been with daddy for an hour while I went grocery shopping and he comes running into my arms, screaming "Mama! Mama! Mama!" as though I've been gone for months. The homecomings from this kid are priceless. 

When this kid shows us his love for music. This kid LOVES him some music. I'm so hoping he inherited his daddy's musical genius. Because he will sing to anything that's on the radio (which is pretty much always kids praise songs - as soon as I try to listen to anything else, he's insisting I put "my music on, mama!"). He clearly has inherited his daddy's discriminating ear, because he's always quick to ask Sierra (who, I'm pretty sure inherited my tone deafness, poor kid) and I to stop singing! But this kid will sing all day long. The other night while he was finishing up his dinner, I heard him singing 3 different praise songs. And a 4th while he sat on his potty after dinner. I love a musical kid!

When we have conversations. Man, this kid is SO smart and SO funny. Two recent conversations we had that I just don't ever want to forget.

Last week
(Out of complete exasperation that he had written on the wall yet again)
Me: Bodie, WHAT am I going to do with you???
Bodie: (not quite grasping the concept of a rhetorical question) Play cars, mama!

Yesterday when I picked him up from MOPS 
(after hearing that he had been crying on and off for most of the time, which he doesn't usually do these days)
Me: Bodie, did you cry today?
Bodie: YES.
Me: Why?
Bodie: Because...(sob) mommy LEFT me.
Me: But why would you cry, sweetheart? Mommy always comes back, right?
Bodie: NO. Mommy...stayed...(insert long dramatic sigh here) with her friends!!! 
(Man, how does this kid already know how to give me such good guilt trips?)

Like I said, I love this kid and I love this age. Not sure how I got so lucky to be this kid's mama. But I'll take it. 

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  1. So sweet, mommy Bennett. & I totally agree, not sure what it is about the boys, but Evan has destroyed books that Elli has had for 7 years & were still in pristine condition. Oh man, can you imagine the destruction they will do once they are a little more coordinated and/or sneaky?! ;)