Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

So, there's this little video that's been going around Facebook like wildfire. It's a pretty awesome video, it's brought to you by the incredible Life of Dad team (haven't heard of Life of Dad? You're missing out - check them out here!). So, this video - it's cool. And it's all about CHD awareness. EXTRA cool. Oh, and you know, there's a certain adorable little blonde dude and his awesome dad in it. Check it out - and PLEASE pass it along. Spread the word. Help us bring CHD awareness to a whole new level!
(If you're having trouble accessing the video, you can find it here).

Happy almost CHD awareness week (and if you still have pics of you wearing red for Bodie, please send them to me - I'll be drafting the post later this week)!!!


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