Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fontan: Step 1 down.

We had our consult today with the doctor who will be doing Bodie's pre-Fontan cath. 

I have to take a second to give huge props to his cath doctor, Dr. Badran. Not only is she personable (her bedside manner is incredible - she's thorough and patient, making sure the parent understands everything and is as comfortable as possible; and her care for her patients shines through in every conversation), but she comes with some awesome creds. She did her residency and fellowship at CHOP and worked at Mott's Children's Hospital (in Michigan) for some time. I love that she has such a wide depth of experience at how things are done at other top centers. If you're not a heart parent, the terms "CHOP" or "Mott's" might not mean much. But a heart parent can tell you that CHOP and Michigan are 2 of the top 3 programs in the country for treating Congenital Heart Defects (the remaining program is Boston, which is where Bodie's Electrophysiologist did his residency and fellowship - I am so grateful that CHLA is able to attract such talent). Credentials aren't everything, but to a parent who is routinely being asked to place their child into someone else's hands, they don't hurt. Not even a little bit. ;-) 

As far as the appointment itself, it went great. She went over everything to expect, the risks, etc. (Although, as she astutely pointed out, we're well versed in the risks of a cath (Bodie went into cardiac arrest during his first cath at 2 months old) and what the procedure will entail. We expect it to be outpatient (though with Bodie you never know) and there's a good chance Bodie may be cranky for a few days afterwards. 

For my heart mama followers, she is expecting to possibly find a collateral or two (maybe more), but won't necessarily coil them. She will only coil them if he is symptomatic as a result of them, they are large, or they are aortopulmonary in nature (as APC's can affect the post-operative course of a Fontan). But otherwise, she doesn't expect to necessarily coil (I do love that she doesn't jump to intervention if she really doesn't think it's necessary). 

She was pretty impressed with Bodie, who was very well behaved (thankfully) and happy to do puzzles on my iPhone! He, like usual, was having conversations with anyone and everyone and laughing away with daddy (it was awesome to have Dusk at this appointment, to ask questions and help me keep Bodie entertained!)
The only concern we have (I mean, beyond my generalized anxiety about all of this upcoming stuff) is that Bodie currently has a cold (actually a cold and double ear infection, if we're getting technical). She said he needs to be congestion free for 2 weeks prior to the cath. Apparently, if he has a cold, the process of intubation can spread the virus to the lungs, potentially causing pneumonia. So, we'll be pulling him out of school for the next 2 weeks (his cath is May 22nd) to try and keep him healthy (we really don't want to have to reschedule, since it was hard enough to find one date that worked with both Dr. Badran and Bodie's Electrophysiologist). 

Please pray we can keep Bodie HEALTHY (and find someone to help watch him for me for the next couple of weeks)! And please continue to pray that his cath goes well and we find out that he is indeed a Fontan candidate. 
Bodie, celebrating a good appointment with ice cream. 


  1. Praying extra hard for Bodie to stay healthy for his upcoming cath!

  2. Praying for y'all!! So hard! Big, big hugs!!