Sunday, May 26, 2013

This is the good stuff...

There's a country song I LOVE called "The Good Stuff," by Kenny Chesney. That song kept running through my head this weekend as I was watching the kids having a ball with my parents, and loving life at their local Strawberry Festival, which is an annual tradition for our family. 

Supposedly, the good stuff starts after the Fontan. But I'll be darned if we aren't sitting right smack dab in the middle of the good stuff right now...

Enjoying blue slurpees galore! 
(and yes, like a good heart mom, approximately 2 1/2 seconds after buying him the blue slurpee, I turned around and thought "Oh my gosh! Bodie is SOOOOO blue! What's wrong?!?" and then remembered " slurpee!")
Face painting to the max
(and Bodie actually stood still long enough to get the snake put on! WOW!) 
 Massive amounts of playing in Gigi and Popo's awesome backyard.
 LOTS of animal loving...
Hanging with (and feeding!) 2 HUGE tortoises at Steve and Dena's!
(thank you, Steve and Dena, for your amazing hospitality and entertaining our crazy kids all afternoon!)
Holding a chicken.
"Helping" dogsit my parents' neighbors dog, Mate.
 Swinging with Popo in the backyard.
Enjoying lots of snuggle time with Gigi and Popo.
Traveling the Strawberry Festival in style!
(more than one person looked at me oddly for wearing a 3-year old, but seriously, I had to do it for my own sanity - between navigating with a huge stroller or letting him run wild and losing him, wearing him was definitely my best option!)
Conquering new heights
(he worked so hard to climb this thing and pretty much shrugged off help from anybody - this kid is SO strong and independent!) 
 Getting a haircut
(yeah, yeah, peeps, I know - it was TIME. It sure is nice to see his cute little face again.)
Capping off our trip with a visit to the sand dunes.
(this is what I love about pics - the kids HATED it. Whined the entire 5 minutes we were there about how cold and windy it was...but you can't tell from the pics!)
As a side note, I LOVE my camera. Seriously, one of my best investments E.V.E.R. Oh, and it doesn't hurt to have some of the cutest subjects ever! 

Here's to lots more good stuff in the months comes summer!!!

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  1. Oh how I love this update! Great pics and I love seeing all of your happy smiles!!