Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tahoe 2013...the one where we made lemonade from lemons

As I mentioned yesterday, our Tahoe trip was full of scary moments. But, like we always do, we tried to focus on the good and were able to have some pretty incredible family moments in between the scary ones! 

We spent lots of time snuggling and goofing off with Grandma Jan and Popo Alan
We ate ice cream at our favorite place in Tahoe - 3 times!
We balanced it out with some fruit - a proud mama moment for sure, when I ordered fruit with my breakfast and the kids were climbing all over me to get to it!
We celebrated the 4th of July and saw fireworks.
We played at the beach...a lot.
We were just SO darn cute!
We went to the Children's Museum. 
(and, for the record, whoever thought having a children's hospital room with medical supplies was a good idea, it's not. It's just not. Bodie was smart enough to steer clear of the room, but Sierra was in it most of the time - I had to overcome my urge to vomit everytime I walked in there to play with her!)
We played at the park.
Sierra had a special date with Daddy and Popo!
We capped off our vacation with a final bbq on the beach...
and by losing our 2nd tooth!!!
Whew! What a vacation! Although Dusk and I will pretty much remember it as a ridiculously scary and stressful vacation, we're super hopeful that these 2 littles will just remember it as another super fun family vacation!

One final pic on our way out of town, at the sign for the town Bodie was named after. My favorite part of the pic? Bodie is holding a postcard for the town of Bodie in his hand as well. :-)



  1. Glad you were able to make lemonade from lemons! {{{HUG}}} Love all of the happy smiles in your pics Amy. Praying for you guys!!

  2. Amazing what altitude will do to someone. I have a nephew who does not have near the problems your son has, of course, but does have a tiny heart problem and dr told them not to take him to a different altitude. Never to fly either. So, you never know about these things. Hopefully the next time, he will not react in that way. Good luck