Sunday, August 3, 2014

Make a Wish, Part 2. Our Adrenaline Junkie

From the stunts that Bodie pulls on a regular basis, we had a suspicion that he liked fast things, but Holy Toledo, we had no idea just what an adrenaline junkie this kid is!
I mean, seriously.

One of the amazing things about the Make a Wish trips to Disney is that you get a pass that allows you to bypass most of the lines and sometimes stay on the rides to ride them again. So we really had an opportunity to find out what Bodie liked to ride. 

Which was pretty much everything.

The bigger, the faster, with the biggest drops, the better. 

This kid (and Sierra) went on every single ride he was tall enough to ride (ok'd by both cardio and EP before the trip)! He is still bummed he wasn't tall enough for Indiana Jones (Sierra went with daddy on that one and loved it!)! 

Both of the kiddos loved Thunder Mountain (I mean, who wouldn't?!? So awesome!). I think we rode it 3 (4?) times in a row before we had to stop because Daddy was getting too dizzy. But if it had been up to the kids, we'd have ridden it 4 more times!

He LOVED Splash Mountain, and insisted on riding in the front.
(as you can see, he wasn't alone in his love of roller coasters!!!)

And, the epitome of roller coasters, SPACE MOUNTAIN!!! My favorite roller coaster…on.the.planet.

Daddy isn't a fan of Space Mountain, so we weren't going to attempt it. 

But then, Daddy had to run back to the hotel for something, and, really, is it MY fault that my feet took us, totally not of my volition, to the entrance of Space Mountain? And, since we were there, we should at least try it, right??? Totally not my fault. At all.

So we did.

The kids beforehand - they were super excited.
About ½ way through, I leaned over to make sure Bodie was ok. I was a little worried it may have been too much for him. I asked him if he was doing ok. All I could hear back was "AGAIN!!!!!!" as loud as he could. And the HUGEST grin when we got in. 

He is so my kid. Such a roller coaster fan. And riding these big ole rides at 4½? Color me impressed. 

And Sierra? She rode ALONE on Space Mountain (at 7½), since it was a 2-seater and I rode with Bodie. And she wasn't scared AT ALL. Mostly just irritated that I had my hand on her shoulder the whole time! Ha!

This was on a "flyer" at Knott's Berry Farm. As in, lying on his belly, being raised in the air and flying around in a circle. And he COULD NOT GET ENOUGH OF IT. Loved it. 
Also at Knott's Berry Farm, on a roller coaster with Sissy. I went on it once, and I'm pretty sure every internal organ got a massage (they apparently are serious about that whole 5'9" height limit!). But he was such a big boy and totally didn't need Dusk or I next to him.
Our fourth time in a row on the log ride at Knott's. I'm pretty sure Bodie is pouting because Sierra got to ride in the front that time. 
You know how they say one person always gets drenched on those water rides? Yep, it was Bodie. And he was thrilled!
Finally, I'll leave you with this ditty. Our hotel had a pool, with a waterside. Which the kids went on. Over and over and over again - pretty much until the lifeguard stopped Bodie to ask if he was cold because his lips were pretty purple (something about being on a water slide at 8pm on a windy day!). This video was taken his first time on it (or any water slide, for that matter). He LOVED it.

Seeing how much Bodie LOVED the roller coasters, and LOVED everything Cars themed completely affirmed for us his decision to have picked Disneyland and Cars Land for his wish trip. What a phenomenal vacation for him (and all of us)!

Stay tuned for more about our amazing trip tomorrow!


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