Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Boys will be boys

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of having the kids photographed as part of a CHLA fundraiser (my fellow heart mom Jean, has a sister-in-law (the amazing Amy Payne) who is a professional photographer and did a fundraiser as a part of "Heart Month" where a percentage of proceeds she earned during that month went to CHLA). I met Jean when Bodie was in the hospital recovering from his Norwood. Jean's son, Liam, has Tetrology and Fallot and had his surgery on the same day as Bodie's Norwood (same surgeon). They were roommates for a few days in the CTICU and then Liam was quickly on to bigger and better things. :-)

Anyway, she wanted to get the boys together for a photoshoot on the one-year anniversary of their surgery. We didn't quite make the exact anniversary (kept rescheduling because one or the other was sick), but we were close. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of that day...

We also got a few sweet pics of Sierra...

And, because it's Bodie, we also got our fair share of pics of Bodie sobbing hysterically while Liam, sweet and happy, looked on in utter confusion. Welcome to our world, Liam.



  1. Great pictures... but I have to admit .. I LOVE the ones of him crying, espically the ones with his hands over his face.. That is Colin to a T! Colin is a little "high strung" and we too have breakdowns.. but what can you do but laugh!

  2. Amy, those are the best pictures ever! I, too, love the ones of Bodie being over dramatic - especially him bent over on the chair. Perfection! What a fun photoshoot for you mommas!

  3. LOL... I agree, the picture of him bent over the chair with his hand on his forehead is the best ever!!!

    Lovely pictures and two lovely heart-strong friends!

  4. I love these pictures! He is soooooo adorable.
    I'm glad you had a chance to get out the other night. Turning a mommy's brain off is impossible, especially when our kids are involved. I'll be specifically praying for some peace for you. Take care of yourself! Love, Erin