Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just me and my girl

Sierra has Spring Break this week. Bodie's preschool is still in session. Sooooo...we took advantage and sent Bodie to preschool today while Sierra and I had a "Sierra-Mommy play day." It was an action packed day, entirely focused on Sierra. With Bodie around, it's hard for Sierra to get a lot of attention focused on her, since Bodie is, well Bodie, and is likely to inflict bodily injury on himself if I turn my attention away from him for more than 5 seconds (and even then, 5 seconds is sometimes enough)! So, what joy it was today to just focus on HER.

First, we grabbed hot chocolate and pedicures (and ran into one of my best friends, Jen, at Peet's as she was grabbing coffee before work - what a wonderful surprise since we've been trying to connect for months!)...
Then, we ran my car to the dealership for its 5,000 mile maintenance. Ok, so this is a bit of an aside, but HOLY COW Marina Toyota is awesome! Not only did they do the maintenance in record time (in and out in about an hour), they washed my car and ordered a replacement sunshade for Bodie's window, telling me it was "under warranty." Let me tell you, this was no warranty issue - this was a 3-year old getting his hands all up where they shouldn't have been issue. SO nice of them! 
Waiting for our car to be done...
Then, we grabbed lunch at Johnny Rockets. Sierra asked me if it was an "old school" restaurant. After her excitement earlier this week upon discovering that, at age 36, I am "almost 100, mommy!" I'm not gonna lie, my self esteem may have taken a tiny hit this week. ;-)
Then, we headed to Nordstrom Rack to do some shopping. What can I say? Shopping is kind of my language of love. Blame my mom - some of my earliest memories are of shopping the big sales with her. I love clothes shopping, and I'm thrilled to pass the gene onto Sierra (her future husband may feel differently, but that's ok - that will be his problem, not mine! Ha!)
Her special find - a headband in the bargain bin! (Thankfully, she's still young enough that she doesn't yet know bargain bins aren't "cool" - I distinctly remember when I realized running straight to the sales rack with my mom wasn't cool! Ha!)
Then, it was off to the movies, to see The Crood's. Super cute - a little mature for Sierra's age, but I found it hilarious. She liked it as well, although I think a lot of the humor was over her head.
Finally, we finished with ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. We sat outside, enjoyed the beautiful sunny day and dipped our hands in the fountain when we were done.
Just an overall awesome day. Yes, way more expensive than I had planned when I suggested we have a "mommy Sierra day." And yes, I know it's about giving your kids your time and not about what you buy for them. And she didn't need me to spend this much money on her today. But I guess I would say "walk a mile in my shoes. Face what we're facing this summer. Try to daily balance not giving too much attention to a medically fragile child at the expense of his sibling. Oh, and make this kid Bodie who still wants mommy more than anyone else on the planet, making it hard to break away with just Sierra. And then fine, you can come back to me and tell me I should have done things differently." Until then, given that we really don't get these kind of days very often, I'm gonna go with it was totally justified. And yeah, I may be working a few more hours next week to fully justify it. ;-)

And in other news, we have a penciled in surgery date for Bodie's Fontan. But we're not talking about it right now, because then I might have to start projectile vomiting right here right now, and no one wants that. More on that later. 

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