Saturday, April 20, 2013

The night that (almost) changed everything

3 years ago today, we almost lost Bodie. He came back from a cardiac catheterization completely unstable. His medical team fought tooth and nail all day to try and stabilize him. They would get him stable and then, within an hour, something would change, the balance would tip and they'd be racing against the clock to stabilize him again. It was a horrifically frightening day.

Around 9pm that night, code meds were placed by his bedside with anticipation that he could likely go into cardiac arrest before the night was through. We were advised to have family come, because he was so unstable we simply had no guarantees.

And then...then, the attending, an angel of a doctor who had just come on, suggested externally pacing Bodie. It was her hail Mary moment. And it was the moment that changed everything for Bodie. 

We are grateful, every single day, for that doctor, who woke up on April 20, 2010 and prayed that God would guide her decisions, that He would direct her and give her the wisdom to treat incredibly fragile patients. It was that prayer that saved our 2-month old son's life. Because there is no doubt that a miracle took place in that room.

So I could think of no better day, than on the 3-year anniversary of that night, to post a picture of Bodie with that attending doctor, Dr. Rivero, taken when we were up at CHLA two weeks ago. 

Thank you, Dr. Rivero, for listening to the nudge of God that night and giving us our son. 
We are unspeakably grateful.


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