Thursday, March 6, 2014

...And we're circling...

Still in a holding pattern over here, circling over that perfect spot where Bodie's EAT goes away and we get discharged. I have no idea when we'll land.

Today was a better day than yesterday. Better in that we had 2 longish stretches without EAT. After being paced out of EAT this morning, he made it 2 1/2 hours before he went back in. We re-started Atenelol (a beta blocker designed to keep his heartrate down) and then paced him out of the EAT again. That time, he made it almost 5 hours. So, I guess on the whole we're seeing progress. Bodie's EP tells me not to be discouraged, that we made a lot of progress today, and that everything he's seen yesterday and today has helped him to understand a little bit more of what Bodie's heart is doing and why - and helped him to plan his next steps.

But I'm not that patient. I want it resolved yesterday. So, I am discouraged. Trying to remain positive - I know things could be oh, so much worse. We're so lucky that Bodie is doing as well as he is, that this isn't a surgical admission, that we're at a center with such a phenomenal EP team. But I'm tired. Bodie's bored. 

Bodie's skin is SO over this.

We're SO.READY to get back to our lives.

Please pray that happens soon.

And please pray for continued bright spots in our somewhat mundane days.

Amazing nurses like Yvette, who has been with us for a long time. Bodie was pretty well convinced Yvette was his personal babysitter today, playing hide and seek with her and bringing her all sorts of presents all day.
Friends who drive up in the middle of the day to play in the play room with us, like Sarah and Randy, from our home group at church.

And beloved teachers like Miss Chelsea, who come all the way up here after a hard day of work to play with Bodie.

Please pray for continued forward improvement tomorrow, and for Bodie's body to do what we need it to.


  1. God bless people who take time to be a blessing to someone.

  2. I will never forget that day. How excited he was when he heard my voice over that PA. Made that trip so worth it!