Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's just stuff

So...we thought we learned our lesson last year about stuff just being "stuff." But apparently, we still had more to learn.

I had a long blogpost written out, but my phone ate it. The short story is that our attic caught fire last night due to something shorting with the vent fan in the kids' bathroom. It was confined to the attic, but we lost most of what was stored in the attic and they tore out the ceiling in most of the house to get to the fire. Structurally, there is significant damage to the house and we will looking for temporary housing for months. Our important belongings are safe, as are we. The rest is just stuff.

We appreciate prayers as we navigate this very scary journey, particularly peace for the kids as they saw the house burning and are obviously Affected.


  1. Oh Amy! I am so sorry this has happened. While it is just stuff it still is hard to lose it and extra hard to be seperated from your home while the damage is repaired. Praying for you all.

  2. Praying for you!! So sorry, Amy, that you and your family are having to go through this, yet another big trial in your lives! Yet thanking God that you are all okay!

    Seven years ago, the attic in our house burned up and our house was written off as a loss, so we have some understanding of the upheaval involved. It was quite an "adventure"! Amazingly, though, God worked much GOOD out of it all, even in many people's lives. Praying that he will do the same for you! The Lord bless you and keep you! May He shine His face upon each of you, and give you and Dusk (and also your children) His peace! Also His guidance, wisdom, provision, and strength! May He use it mightily for GOOD!
    With love,
    Nancy Baker

  3. we're just glad you guys are ok. We will be praying for you,.

  4. I'm so, so sorry! Praying for you.

  5. oh no amy!! much much love. i wish we had a house big enough with even one extra room to stay in to offer you. that said if you feel like camping out in our living room, you guys are oh so welcome!!

  6. Oh wow! I am so sorry you guys! So thankful everyone is safe. Praying for you all!

    George Landes in Annapolis, MD

  7. I honestly cannot believe this. My juaw just dropped to the floor when I saw this post and had to comment. I have been following you guys for a while - I think I might have found you through Sisters by Heart. Regardless, I can only imagine how rattled, shaken not to mention frustrated you and Dusk must be at this point. I mean, seriously? Life is so absolutely insane sometimes -- I just don't get it. I know it's just stuff -- but it's just too much upheaval in a few short years. Ugh. My family and I are thinking of you guys from all the way out here in Boston. We are sending you an extra dose of strength and courage to be able to continue the amazing job you are doing as a family -- not just with Body & Sierra but with everything else life continues to throw your way. You guys are amazing. We are sending love. Molly, Brian, Haven, Ronan and Tommy xoxoxoxo