Sunday, January 31, 2016

Red for our Hero 2016

It's that time of year again - time to wear RED to honor our sweet heart dude and all of his buddies (and, hey, I think we'll also be honoring daddy this year)!
Please help us honor our sweet little dude, his daddy, and all of their heart buddies here and in Heaven by wearing red, along with us, this Friday, February 5th, National Wear Red Day. 
(Yeah, yeah, I know - that's apparently national wear red for women's heart disease or something like that - but, what can I say, until CHD has its own day, that's as close as we're getting, so we're taking it.)

Please grab that red shirt or sweatshirt, throw it on and think proudly of Bodie and Dusk on Friday! And pass the word along so that others can participate as well! And email me pics here or on Facebook or text (whatever way you have to get ahold of me) - and let me know where you're wearing your red. And I'll put together a video like we do every year! 

Thank you so much for participating - we cannot tell you how it fills our hearts to see so many supporters showing their love for Bodie and everyone affected by congenital heart defects. 

P.S. If Bodie finds out that you didn't wear red for him and Dusk, there's a pretty good chance that this will be his reaction. 
If you want that on your conscience, that's totally your choice. 
Just sayin.'


1 comment:

  1. I have red shirt all picked out...
    and a virtual hug for Bodie and Daddy :)