Monday, August 22, 2016

Forward progress

Almost 48 hours post-seizure and it appears Bodie has suffered no adverse affects - praise God! We still are not 100% certain, but we are all assuming that it was a med interaction/toxicity issue, likely a combination of Morphine and the nerve blocker he was on through his epidural line. It is odd to discover this at surgery #6, but it became very evident by yesterday morning that his body does NOT like Morphine. He was reacting with a serious "Morphine rash," itchiness and hallucinations. So we stopped all narcotics yesterday morning and spent the day waiting for them to get out of his system. 

Between the seizure hangover and the narcotic wean, let's just say that yesterday was a ROUGH day. Lot of tears. Bodie tends to be emotional anyway, but it was his baseline x 100. I mean, sobbing, silent tears because he thought he had lost a Lego (he hadn't), the Lego instruction book was missing pages (it wasn't) or we couldn't see "the two moving black things" (in our defense, we couldn't, because 1) there was only 1 and 2) it wasn't moving). So, yeah, walking on eggshells all day. Bless Sierra's heart - she came to visit and didn't even care that Bodie was being a total butt to her. She just kept saying "it's ok, he just had surgery. He'll get better." Bless her heart.
After finally getting everything out of his system, he had a really great night's sleep last night. Today has been much better, including a move to the step down unit and finally starting to eat!
Our challenge now is getting all of his meds changed to oral meds, so that we can go home on them. Additionally, they loaded him with fluids following his seizure and he's taking his sweet time holding on to them. As a result, his oxygen saturations are lower than we would like and he is requiring oxygen. We are adding an IV diuretic in the hopes that we can get the excess fluid off of him quickly. Please pray that we can get the fluid off, ditch the 02 and get on home meds! Finally, we are wrestling with some unexpected complications specific to the surgery he had - please pray they are minor and we are able to cope with them and move on. 

Thank you for continuing to pray for our sweet boy! 

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  1. Nothing like a visit from big sister who knows him so well and loves him so much.
    When my sister was on Morphine she was seeing black spiders on the walls when there were none. scary stuff!
    It hits fair/sensitive people harder for sure.
    My humble Prayers continue.