Friday, August 26, 2016

Where did my friend go?

I always forget.

We get discharged from the hospital and we get home, tired - but ready to hit the ground running.
I think "I can totally do this!"
I do all the hospital laundry (because, let's be real, you don't want those germs inside YOUR house!), get caught up on bills, work, and life.
And then, about 2 days after we get home, I hit a wall. 
We ALL hit a wall.
We are beyond exhausted. 

I forget the emotional toll that hospital stays take on us. As any family who has spent time in the hospital can tell you, the post hospital stay struggle is real. When you're in the hospital, you can withstand everything - the stress, the sleepless nights, the procedures, the worry - because you have your trusty friend Adrenaline to help you out.  Guys, I totally pink puffy heart love Adrenaline. She's so sweet and trustworthy. Always there when you need her, like a true friend.

The problem is, once you get home, your brain and your nervous system are still processing everything. And then they get to a point when they look around for our friend Adrenaline - and realize she has left the building. And then they collectively decide "ENOUGH! No more room. No more Adrenaline to keep us going. We are DONE. Peace out."

Except that you're home. So you should be functioning at 100% capacity, right??? Except it's really hard to do when your body and mind aren't on board. And your friend Adrenaline is gone! 

I think it's accurate to say we hit that place today. We tried to do some normal stuff - I went to work for a bit, we took Sierra to ballet, and even went to the movies and out to lunch with some special friends. It was lovely. Really, it was.

But then we came home and did this.
Which was kind of a repeat of yesterday afternoon.
And all I can think about is going back to do more of it tonight.

Geez. You'd think I ran a marathon today. When all I really did was Adult. Sort of. 
It's not even like I'm recovering from surgery, so I don't have that excuse. Maybe I'm recovering from watching surgical recovery - does that count as an excuse? 

So friends, please have patience with us. We will get back up and running. I hope. No, wait - we will - we have to. But it may take us a bit. So please hang with us while we transition back. And thank you a million times over to those of you who have brought us lunches and dinners now that we're home. Because, oddly enough, we need it now more than ever. Suddenly, grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking (usually one of my favorite activities) seems like my own personal Mount Everest. Go figure. 

And keep those prayers coming. Our friend Adrenaline is gone. But our get up and go will come back. Pray it happens soon! And keep praying for Bodie's recovery - each day is a little better for him and we can't wait for him to be back at 100%!


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